My Heart Was Breaking

Sometimes our pet parents forget we are sensitive and we get our feelings hurt too. We are happy and joyful by nature, but sometimes we’re sad just like you guys.


And we need LOTS of love. Mom says dogs are pack animals and should be treated like one of the kids. She loves cats too, but she says cats think they’re the boss who know everything and want to run the show. But us dogs, we’re okay with just being a part of the family.


We are so much like you people. Mom tells me all the time that I’m just like her and dad. I have her

strong legs and his broad chest. And mom says I’m a food hound like dad. Hey, nothing’s better than food, right? (Except maybe the cuddling       )

My family is the best. I’m so glad I’m an only child. I get sooo much love and attention ALL the time. But it almost wasn’t that way…


One winter mom adopted a stray cat. I didn’t like it and mom didn’t know it was breaking my heart. She has a big heart for critters and won’t even hurt a fly! She says we’re all God’s creatures and everyone needs love. Maybe so, but I need it most and I don’t want to share it with anyone.


Any hoo, mom started feeding “the cat,” and each day she’d come to the patio door and just sit there looking in at us. It made me so mad and I’d bark trying to tell mom to chase it away. She wouldn’t listen.

Evidently the cat was a little “bucky,” ‘cause every time mom stopped petting her, she’d bite her slippers or scratch her. I wouldn’t have put up with that.

Well, as the story goes and it did end well for me, sort of… Every time I went out in my yard to have fun and look for critters, that cat would chase and scratch me. I couldn’t believe it. She even hid in the shrubs to ambush me!


I couldn’t get mom or dad to understand that cat was being mean to me! I got so depressed, and of course the cold winter took a toll on me too. I stopped going out and refused to potty. I was afraid that mean cat would hurt me.


Several doctor visits later and mom’s discovery that the cat was tormenting me, I was on the mend. Each day mom told the cat to go home. I would stand behind her barking

in my mean voice. (The cat had a collar on now so mom said she wouldn’t have to find her a home.) I don’t think I’ll have to share mom & dad’s love and attention with another cat or dog anytime soon.

Dogs are special you know. We hear your thoughts. We know the love in your heart and we feel your pain and sadness.

I was sure glad when that cat stopped coming over. Life was getting back to normal. Spring was on its way, and that meant critters in the yard and summer was coming!!

Us dogs are special you know. We hear your thoughts. We know the love in your heart and we feel your pain and sadness. I hope all you pet parents treat your pet kids well. Keep them close to your heart and never let them forget they are family.

Love your pets like your kids, ‘cause they are!

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