Herd of sheep following the propaganda.

Minding YOUR Mind

Ever wonder how certain foods became so popular? Junk foods like Coca-Cola, Oreo cookies and Jell-o pudding, may be as well-known as bread and butter. Thanks to the media, these “foods” have reached celebrity status. Not only with their visual appeal, but the emotional charge that has seduced our brains (and taste buds!) surpassing our common sense and self-preservation. Why did we ever think it was okay to eat food that barely, if at all resembles something edible.

Advertisements images designed to hook you into buying.

There’s good reason we’ve gone a long with their lies and fantasy tales of products that are low-cal, healthy, fun and irresistible. One word, Bernays. Master propagandist for ruthless profiteers, he is the PR legend whose ‘playbook’ continues to manipulate and deceive America and much of the world today.

“By engineering consent as the art of manipulating the masses; the undisciplined and those lacking in intellectual and definite moral principles are vulnerable to unconscious influence and thus susceptible to want things they do not need. The main idea behind engineering of consent is that the public should not be aware of the manipulation taking place."

-Edward Bernays

When you begin to

question government policies

and everything you hear on television you can be sure, You are Waking Up. You can take back control of your thoughts and your life.


When you abandon the pursuit of happiness via junk food, unnecessary material possessions and fearful thoughts of others, you are free.

Free to think for yourself,

to create a happy life, and contribute to a healthy world.

Become a Fringe Dweller! Change your thoughts, change your life, and change your world!


The Father of Propaganda: Edward Bernays

For a better understanding of modern day media manipulation, peruse this short video.

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