Hidden Truths, Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.

Million Dollar Scheme

When it comes to buying stuff, Americans have honed the art of acquiring, amassing and hoarding whatever we can get our hands on. Do you ever wonder why we as a culture are on an incessant pursuit to buy stuff we don’t need?

Stuff, amassing and hoarding what the media wants us to buy.

Do you get excited when you see the latest car or designer handbag? Your mind wandering into a kind of surreal trance where you see yourself with the object of your newest desire and you

feel sooo good…

Perhaps your neighbor has the latest and greatest gadget, do you envy and covet his new possession, concocting a plan, however ill-conceived, and do whatever it takes to keep up?


Ever wonder why we get so distracted with wanting more stuff?


I’ve studied the reasoning behind it, and while there are lots of reasons why we have an incessant desire to accumulate more and more of what we “think” we need, you can really break it down to one main reason. And it’s not just Americans, it’s happening all over the world, regardless of one’s economic or social status.


Are you ready? If this is your first time hearing this, take a deep breath and read it twice.


You and everyone that “drifts,” that is, you believe everything you hear from the media and other misguided souls who actually believe what they’re saying is true and have bought into the lies and deception. Hook, line and sinker. You are among the 99.9% who have been systematically mass brainwashed using techniques perfected over decades by unscrupulous corporations who want nothing more than to keep you distracted and confused.

There are two ways to be fooled.

One is to believe what isn’t true;

the other is to refuse to believe what is true.

–soren kierkegaard

Take a deep breath and if you’re brave, read on…


You are a pawn in a multibillion dollar scheme. You’re most likely a worker drone, hating your job, and everyone that doesn’t agree with your opinions and beliefs. Your mind is in a constant state of worry. Mostly about your next paycheck and how you’ll buy that new gadget you just saw or how you’ll pay your rent or mortgage because you just squandered your last $150 on fast food and a new gadget for your high tech phone. Maybe all the junk food you’ve been devouring has you so sick your grossly inadequate health care won’t cover all the pills you’re taking.


Here’s the rub: You have been hypnotized by an advertising media that is depending on you to buy their industrial food (that’s virtually any food that isn’t organic and whole), poison your body with the 80,000 chemicals used in their “beauty” products, vaccines, home & yard products, drugs and pretty much everything else that’s ‘unregulated,’ so they can get rich while you stay distracted and confused; that’s what their products do for you, and they do it well.


Tired, sick and broke.

Pawn with a crown.

Your values are flipped. You have chosen material possessions over basic needs such as real food and pure water. You know, the stuff you need to stay healthy and happy. Health is your wealth. How’s your happy stuff working for you? Happy for a little while, right? Yea, then the newness fades, discontent sets in and your mind (ego) has you on another tangent in search for the elusive happy stuff (often in the form of addictive junk food).


Still with me? Your emotions are telling you just how invested you are in this story. Are you angry, confused? That’s your ego messing with you. Go get a drink of water. Or better yet, stop reading. You’re not ready to save yourself, yet…


If you feel there is even a ring of truth in these words and you’re saying, “Yes, I know people like that,” congratulations,

When you abandon the pursuit of happiness via junk food, unnecessary material possessions and fearful thoughts of others, you are free. Free to think for yourself, to create a happy life, and contribute to a healthy world.


Fringe dwellers question EVERYTHING. They think for themselves and have a strong sense of self-preservation. You know you’re "on the fringe," when you can look at the masses in disbelief, observing their self-destruction with absolute shock and amazement. On the other hand, fringe dwellers do not interfere or try to convince others of their shortcomings.


Fringe dwellers are in this world, but not of it.


Something to ponder, and I do hope you’re pondering, it means you’re not so dumbed down that you can’t think for yourself anymore. Instead of saying, “What should I eat, buy, do, etc.?” Ask yourself,


“Why am I eating this or buying stuff I don’t need, just because someone said I would feel good even though my happy stuff invariably causes me grief, worry and illness?”


Do you have your values flipped?

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