Nurture, beautiful lake, girls forearm with a tattoo of compassion tattooed. Love Does Not Age

Love Does Not Age

Judging and Misconception

I have grown from a society that judges not only the social and economic status of its people, but their age as well. The elderly often become cast offs doomed to be neglected and forgotten.


It took decades before realized I had been judging the elderly. My biases had been taught by well-meaning elders that were carried into the next generation. Age, prejudice, and misconception continues throughout the world today, while humanity’s spiritual consciousness slowly evolves.

Daughter taken a photo of her elderly mom, in camera phone shows a baby image of her mom.

Love does not age. At least it doesn’t have to. Why do our feelings differ when we observe a baby or an elderly person? Perhaps we instinctively know that an older person’s face reflects years of joy and heartache, while a baby or young child echoes happiness and pure love.


Babies and the young whose spirits are yet untouched by a harsh and bitter world are a joy, their eyes speak to my soul with a depth that is comforting and familiar. Perhaps it’s their vulnerability or unconditional love that touches so many while inspiring love and admiration. New life is sacred, precious and undeniably beautiful. Why is it easy to show love for young people and disdain or simply tolerance for our elders?

Adolescents, often abrasive and defensive for their lack of knowledge and life experience sets them upon a tightrope. A space that challenges, yet the dichotomy of freedom and dependence so frightening their inexperience often presents indecision and confusion. I have never envied them, for I can see the fear in their eyes, the fear of the unknown and the insecurity of a future they cannot see.


“Youth is wasted on the young.”

-George Bernard Shaw


In Western culture senescence is dreaded. The elderly are often drug addicted victims at the mercy of unscrupulous corporations disguised as doctors, pharmaceutical giants and the chemical industry. For the ignorant, life is a game of Russian Roulette. Poisoned and malnourished they are doomed to live their “golden years” without the joy and freedom of good health.


In Okinawa, Japan, the elderly population is thriving, often working until the day they die. Their belief system around aging, supports a population that is proud, (yet not arrogant), optimistic and productive. Elders are respected for their wisdom and longevity. They have passion for life because they have not been programmed (by deceptive media ads) to dream the impossible, thereby feeling a failure and “believing” they will never reach their goals.

Cnn reporter visit Okinawa aged population.

Furthermore, their wise elders are not plagued with “old-age” diseases common to western culture. Of course diet plays a large part in their good health but it is their minds that dictate their choices that sustain that good health. When a society shows respect and love for its elders, their expression of aging shifts in relation to their values and beliefs which determine how they will age.


Diet & Lifestyle of Happy Golden Agers

Mostly vegetarian diet, organically grown food with minimal animal products


Physically active

Receive adequate amounts of Vitamin D (They spend a lot of time outdoors.)

Social Activities Support Good Mental Health

Strong community values with a positive expression of aging

Spiritual Connections

Strong faith in their Higher Power 

Spiritual connection inspires a sense of purpose

Beautitul young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.

-Eleanor Roosevelt

When I look into an older person’s eyes I see the child that is there.

The teenager, the young adult. Sometimes there is a spark of curiosity and joy behind those eyes. I feel a connection that says, “I see you. I send you love.” Without speaking I return the sentiment and my heart vibrates with love. It makes me happy to feel that connection.


Most often I see the fear of years of heartache and worry deeply etched into faces. Faces that forgot they are divine beings created to be loved and to love. Each time I see the anger, sadness and fear I endeavor to send them love. Love is what heals the wounded, the scars that block the heart from remembering the spirit that resides within.


When we understand that mean and unhappy people are just sad and wounded, it is easier to forgive, to understand, be compassionate and to remember Love does not age. 



Love yourself, and you will love others.

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