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Lost My Mind, Back in 5

Be Here Now


Are you living in the present moment? Do your thoughts take you on an out of control

roller coaster ride with an uncertain destination?


Living In The Moment


When your thoughts are in the present moment you are here now, not a million miles away or into next week or last year but right here, right now, reading this. Have you ever been so busy doing something that you lost track of time, or your keys, or even what you had initially started out to do? Quite often we perform mundane, menial tasks without any conscious effort and then realize we can’t remember if we locked the front door or turned off the stove. This kind of behavior is typical of not living in the moment. Our unconscious thoughts have a way of putting us into a mental state of chaos, turmoil and forgetfulness!

Negative thoughts originate from the ego

and are based in fear. Jealousy, guilt, resentment, and anger all come from thinking fearful thoughts.

Woman lost in the moment.

Being in the present moment means there are no lapses in memory- you are aware of mental and physical sensations- and provided your thoughts are making you “feel good,” your emotions are

creating a sense of well-being,

which leads to a happier life. And brings more good things to you! 


When I find myself in a “tizzy,” feeling scattered and hurried, I stop myself and say,

“What do I need?”

I have found that a few moments of meditation, yoga or a brisk walk will do the trick, to bring me back to center, to feeling calm and peaceful. I always take it as a sign from God, telling me to be present, get centered and understand that there is something I need to know. 


The 1971 publication of Be Here Now,” written by Ram Dass is a work of spiritual genius. I was only thirteen at the time I first came upon this awe-inspiring tome and although I was enchanted with the artwork, the core theme eluded my consciousness. Like a seed waiting to germinate, it wasn’t for another 22 years that I would begin to “know” the true meaning and importance of the words:

Be Here Now.

Living In The Present Moment


Be Aware of Your Thoughts and How they are Making You Feel

You have many thoughts each day; thousands of thoughts, mostly random, flowing through your mind at will, creating your life and your world. However, it is not the thoughts that are important, but the subsequent feelings you are receiving from them. These “feelings” are creating either happiness or unhappiness in your life. You are the sole creator of your world. The world is not happening to you; you are happening to it. Being mindful of your thoughts will give you freedom to create what you really want, not what you’ve been conditioned to believe is true.


NOT living in the present moment is what dooms us to a life we do not want. Paradoxically, we tell ourselves we want happiness, yet our thoughts take us to the past, worrying about what we have done or could have done. This

“living in the past”

condemns us to more of it in the future. And if that wasn’t enough, we look into the future with fear creating horrendous pictures and stories of how we assume our lives will unfold! Sadly, this kind of thinking is creating a future that holds only more unhappiness. All because we are putting our energy (thoughts) into what it is we do not want.

We’re praying for the wrong things!!


I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with reflecting on the past. Good memories are like old friends; comforting and dependable.


What we don’t want to do is focus on negative memories of the past that arouse fearful or angry emotions, emotions that ultimately keep us in bondage and do not allow us to live fully and wonderfully in the moment. For in your intense feeling of a negative emotion, you will generate a vibration that will attract that frequency and you will manifest an unwanted experience. This is the process by which all of your life experiences arise. When you

think it, and feel it, you create it.

Man with hand on chin in deep thought.

It's Your Choice


Every second of every moment you have a choice; you have freewill. You can choose to live gratefully in the present moment (from your highest self/Source) or fearfully in the past or future (your lowest self/ego). Your decision in each moment is simple; you can choose to feel good or choose not to feel good. Your task is to change the thoughts you think. Be aware of your thoughts and how they are creating your “feelings.” Feelings of sadness, anger, and resentment come from the ego. Thoughts of Love, kindness, and compassion are emotions that make you feel good; these emotions originate from spirit. Which of these do you want?


When I find myself feeling hurried, worried, or frantic, I use these tools to quickly come back to “reality.” Hope they help you too.  


I Am Here Meditation Practice


Write down the words

“I Am Here”

and post it where you will see it throughout your day.  When you find yourself in a tizzy, thinking thoughts that are not relevant to the moment, say to yourself, “I am here, I am here.”


Being conscious of your thoughts will help you to be aware of what you are thinking, especially before they get out of control making you feel afraid. Fearful thoughts create drama and crisis in your life. When you find yourself thinking thoughts you do not like turn them over into positive, hopeful ones.


As you practice every day you will find yourself creating a happier life. You will create moments that bring joy, peace and a sense of well-being.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.
A sticky note, the words I Am Here written on it.

“My positive thoughts Are creating a wonderful Future.”


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