Just Beet It

Support Optimal Health: Boost Your Immune System

Beets are possibly one of nature’s healthiest foods. You can get all beet’s amazing health benefits in one delicious drink.

Good news for you beet un-lovers (like me). Note: Some juicers do remove fiber. Our juicer has a fiber regulator which allows fiber into the juice.


Natural medicines found in plant foods such as beets, protect against cancers, heart disease, inflammatory disease such as arthritis, relieve nausea, asthma, support detoxification and more.



Always choose the freshest and ripest produce available for optimum nutrition and best flavor.


1 lg. beet Use beet greens if they are fresh

8 lg. carrots

1 lemon

1 thumb fresh ginger root

2 apples (optional) Provides a sweeter flavor



Important note:

Wash your produce before cutting. Cutting dirty produce can contaminate your fruit or vegetable with harmful organisms. Place in the sink and give it a good bath with gentle earth friendly soap.


Wash and prepare your produce. For produce shopping, and preparation tips read here.


Process according to your juicer’s recommendations. Store in airtight glass jars, wide mouth canning jars work wonderfully. Skim off the foam before storing. Keep in fridge no more than three days, however, it’s best to drink your juice as soon as possible to retain its full nutritional value.


 If freezing, leave 1” headspace for expansion.

Health Benefits:

Aid in Bone Health

Aids in Protection against Rheumatoid Arthritis

Aids in Relief of Nausea

Aids Regulation of Blood Sugar

Anti-Asthma Benefits




Arthritis Inflammation

Cardiovascular Benefits

Eye Health

Gastrointestinal Relief

Limonins Support Optimal Health

Strengthens Immune System

Supports Detoxification

Supports Reduce Neurological Diseases

**Important Note**


Choose organically grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Non-organic produce is deficient in minerals (needed to prevent disease) and replete with dozens of chemicals that create a toxic overload in your body. Children especially need to avoid chemically-grown foods.

If organic produce is not available to you, at least adhere to the clean fifteen and avoid the dirty dozen.


Shop your local co-op, farmer’s market, and grow your own!


Diabetics should restrict their fruit sugar (fructose) to 25 gms. per day, according to Joseph Mercola, M.D.


Please consult your holistic healthcare practitioner if you have blood sugar issues before drinking this healthy juice recipe.


Juicing is a great way to reach your daily requirement of 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

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