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Juicing for Recovery

All dis-ease begins with one cause. Malnutrition. Without adequate nutrients, your body can not maintain optimal health nor repair itself. Over time it breaks down and illness results. Symptoms are often mistaken for specific “dis-eases” and treated with toxic chemicals known as pharmaceutical drugs.

Healing is impossible if the body is continuously poisoned. To heal and maintain good health the body needs to be nourished and cleansed.


Juicing is the best method for nutritional recovery. Fresh, organic green drinks are easily absorbed, even by those who suffer with digestive issues.

Good things happen, even in the midst of tragedy. Sometimes we don’t see it until later. Superbly stated by Robin William’s character in “Good Will Hunting” when he remarked, “The bad stuff wakes us up to the good stuff we weren’t paying attention to.”


That’s exactly what happened and I’m sure you’ve seen it too. You’re neck deep in “dis-ease” and suddenly realize you’ve taken your health for granted because the stark contrast of sickness was not there, staring you in the face.

What do you do? Outsource your health and put your life in someone else’s hands, or follow someone who’s successfully disarmed the mines that would have led to chronic illness or worse, death?

The unthinkable happened. One of us got sick. Pain, fear of the unknown, they’re all wake up calls. That not-so-silent urging of a force pushing one to change, to awaken, to live.


Since I was the one who wasn’t sick, and I had known of others that had turned their health around, I was determined to find the answers that would save my partner’s life. The search was on. I could hear the barely audible sound of a clock ticking. Keeping my heart open, mind focused, and spirits up, I faced a challenge that would bring life or death. If others could do it, so could we. I believe in a higher power, but most importantly I knew he had to desperately want to live.

I also believe, no, I expect miracles. Each day they came and he got better. From the depths of cyberspace and beyond, the information came flooding in.  

Discovering the art of juicing was our life-saving miracle. Today we consider it the most important tool for healing and detoxifying the body. After studying the science behind it and reading of others’ success stories, people who had been told to go home and die we knew that we would not only survive, but thrive.


Thirty days later, blood tests analyzed, the doctor called to say, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” Like I say, “The proof is in the pudding.” I don’t need a test, a book, or someone else’s opinion when I can see the results for myself.

As destiny or synchronicity would have it, we came across the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” The title alone was enough to peak our interest and Joe Cross’ story is as much inspiring as it is amazing. Not only did he heal from a rare disease, but he documented his juicing experience while rousing and motivating others as he traveled across America.


About every three months or so we get out his movies, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2, to get us psyched up for another reboot/reset that will get us back on the path…

Good health is a journey, not a destination.

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