Juicing for Busy Families with fresh fruit and veggies outline with a grape vine.

Juicing for Busy Families

Easy Juicing Tips for Busy People!


Finding the time to eat well can be a challenge in today’s busy world. Health-minded folks understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. That may be the reason for juicing’s popularity among all age groups throughout the world.


Nothing nourishes the body better than fresh juices. Specifically, fresh, organic green juices. The nutrients in fresh juices go right to your cells, offering a much-needed break for the digestive system. A system that does not always work effectively.

Juicing for Busy Families, fruit, green and a glass of green juice.

Juicing doesn’t have to be rocket science. And fortunately, the wheel has already been invented!


We’ve been juicing for years and have some helpful tips for you. Of course, after some time experimenting, your family is sure to come up with their own favorites.


Follow these guidelines and you’ll be on your way to juicing success and excellent health!


Step 1. Choose Organic Produce


Organic produce contains vital minerals needed for optimum health. Conventionally grown produce is lacking in minerals and contains toxic chemicals used as fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, human sewage sludge (sad, but true), GMO’s, etc. Not something you want to consume if you’re striving for good health.   


If your circumstances do not allow organic produce choices, we highly recommend adhering to the Clean Fifteen and avoiding the Dirty Dozen. 


Step 2. Choose a Juicer That Meets Your Needs


Slow, masticating juicers make excellent tasting juice. And because they juice slowly, produce less heat and retain more nutrients. We have used a slow juicer for years, yet there are times when our schedules do not provide the time we need to make a lot of juice.


Some experts believe that the slow juicer is best if you plan to store your juice in the fridge (up to 3 days). Juice made in a “slow” juicer retains more nutrients and a fresher taste.


However, busy people need fast juicers.


Centrifugal to the rescue! Joe Cross of the global film phenomenon, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead,” advocates the Breville.

And while it doesn’t carry the 12-year warranty of our Green Star, it is fast and makes delicious juice. We figure if it’s good enough for Joe, it’s good enough for us.


We still use our Green Star for amazingly, delicious sorbets  and days when time allows us to make a fresh green juice. (Slow masticating juicers work well with greens, wheat grasses, nuts, etc.)


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Step 3. Drink As Soon As Possible


To retain optimum nutrition from your juice, it’s best to drink it as soon possible. To minimize nutrition loss, experts suggest storing your juice in smaller jars and filling to the top of the seal. Less air means less oxidation and less nutrient loss.


Step 4. Bottle it Up


The best containers for juicing are glass. It is a natural material and stores well. FYI: Store fridge leftovers in glass jars. They’re a great non-toxic food storage option. Less space required in fridge and you can see contents.


As soon as you juice, immediately pour the juice into the glass canning jars, make sure you leave very little airspace at the top, if possible. However, if you’re freezing your juice see important notes about freezing below.


Step 5. Make Ahead and Freeze


Making a week’s worth of juice can really simplify your workload. Not to mention ensure you stay on the juicing path.


If you freeze your juice keep your “juice jars” separate. Glass jars lose their integrity over time and tend to break. Label your jars with the juice name and date. Endeavor to drink juice within a month or so.

Eden’s Jar Picks available at Amazon:




Ball wide mouth pint


Ball wide mouth quart


Ball plastic storage lids


Please note: Some sources suggest pint jars tend to break less often than quart jars because quart jars have “shoulders,” which can make them more susceptible to breakage. I’ve been freezing in quart jars for years (soups, sauces, juices, etc.) and have had very little breakage when I follow these tips:


Tips to follow when freezing juice:


When beginning your juicing journey, use brand new jars.


Run them through the rinse cycle of your dishwasher or hand wash and set aside to dry.


Fill jar 1” from the top, leaving 1” headspace to allow for expansion to help prevent jar from cracking.


Label and date.


Chill juice in fridge prior to freezing to help prevent glass from cracking.


Leave space between the jars in the freezer.


Thawing Your Juice


Frozen juice can take up to 3 days to thaw in the fridge. You can hasten the process by placing your juice partially submerged in a bowl of cool (never hot!) water and allowing it to sit on your counter for several hours. Plan ahead. If I want juice for Wednesday, I take it out of the freezer on Monday. I leave it on the counter for a few hours, then refrigerate it.


Families That Juice Together, Get Healthy Together!


Kids love to help in the kitchen. Get your kids curious. Spark an adventure around fruits and vegetables. Ask them fun questions about “beet roots,” and other veggies. Let your kids create their own special juice drink. Involving your kids will inspire them to eat and drink healthy. And, it’s a great way for families to make wonderful memories that will last lifetime.


Juice on the Go?


Keep juice chilled to ensure its freshness (and good taste).


"I like this freezer tote and quart-sized “to-go cup” from Amazon - it's really affordable and it stores enough juice to keep me satisfied throughout the course of a whole day." -Rick at Eden's Corner


Here's another great “to-go” container at a reasonable price and size. 


New to Juicing?


Eden’s Juicing 101 explains everything (pretty much!) you need to know to make delicious juices, smoothies, natural desserts, choosing a juicer, produce shopping and storing, health benefits of juicing, and anecdotal stories to encourage and inspire your wellness journey. As Joe Cross says, “Juice On!”

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