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Juicing 101 with fresh fruit and veggies outline with a grape vine.

Juicing 101

Whether you’re a seasoned juicer or just beginning your juicing journey, Juicing 101 will give you a plethora of information: A wealth of recipes, tips for shopping and storing produce, an extensive how-to beginner’s guide, and what you need to know before you purchase a juicer. You will also enjoy personal stories to inspire your juicing journey and more.

Juicing: Trend or Fad?

Everywhere I go these days people are talking about juicing.

Some want to lose weight, cure an ailment, or just feel better. Whatever the reason, I know it works.


There is nothing in this world that will cleanse and nourish your body like fresh fruit and vegetable juice.

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Can You Juice Your Way to Weight Loss?

You’ve heard a lot about juicing lately and what it can do for you.

Let me tell you what it’s done for us.

Between my wife and I, we lost 33 11 days.

Each day was like a miracle; the pounds were literally disappearing

overnight. I can’t even describe the shock and amazement we felt after only one week of fasting. You have to experience it yourself to know how juicing promotes weight loss, gets the body really healthy, and feels so good."


Can’t say we came willingly to the juicing trough though. It was out of desperation and sheer will to survive that we began our journey, a journey that would change our lives forever. 

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All Juice is Not Created Equal

Sometimes you have to be careful talking about juicing, especially around people you know.

They mean well, but they have no idea what “real juice” is.


First question they ask is, “What about fiber?” Are you kidding me?


Reminds me of the time many years ago when I was a vegetarian and people would ask, “What about protein?” Yikes!


So I’ve learned to keep some things to myself when it comes to juicing.


I don’t like to judge “store bought” juice, but it’s about the same as comparing fresh, raw juice to soda.

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An Evening with

Joe Cross


When we heard Joe Cross was coming to Seattle, we were so excited we marked the date on our calendar and decided we had to go see him. After all, he’s the guy that motivated us to challenge our juicing regimen and shoot for the stars! He has an incredible story to tell and his juicing journey is so remarkable it changed our lives and has inspired millions of others.


If you’re fortunate to get a chance to see Joe, take it. He’s a down-to-earth, no-nonsense guy that’ll have you sitting on the edge of your seat to catch every word, and seconds later, reeling with laughter. He’s full of wisdom and his personal stories will keep you wishing the night (we were there for 3 hours) would go on.

Every once in awhile a person comes along that touches so many, Joe is that guy.


Thanks, Joe.

Juice On!


After all, your life just may depend on it!

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When you decide your health is the most important thing in your life,

you make decisions based on necessity and knowledge, not convenience.

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