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Judge Not...

Relationship with You

Your relationship with Your Self is the most important relationship you will ever have. For it is from this relationship with Your Self, that all of your relationships evolve; your higher power/God, everyone in your life, and your health.


Every moment in every day you are having a relationship with something, whether it is a book, a movie, a person, etc. It is the human condition to have relationships with everything. We are relational beings. We also see everything from the perspective of opposites, or polarities.

Happy couple, happy in the relationship with them self.

“When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.”

-Earl Nightingal

This conditioning creates the element of judgment. Everything is labeled good or bad and right or wrong. I want you to know that you do not have to look at anything in a critical or judgmental way. When you know that judging stems from your own sense of Self, and you do the work you need to do on you, you will look at your Self differently and thus the world you look at will change.

Take time everyday, to look at your Self in the mirror (preferably naked). Do not judge, do not condemn, it is your creation. Bless your body, appreciate it, thank God for the physical abilities you have right now. Everyday is an opportunity to renew and re-create your Self. You have the power to re-create your body just by changing your thoughts! Decide how you want to look. Cut out pictures of your ideal body and put your face on it. Write down your ideal weight and post it on your refrigerator. Perhaps you want a specific hairstyle? Find a picture of what appeals to you. Post it wherever you will see it each day. Whatever it is you desire, put your thoughts, and your visualizations there. 

"Our relationships with others and everything we see, is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves."


Be aware of your thoughts and how they feel. 

Negative thoughts 

promote negative health choices.  When you make peace with who you are and what you have, you will feel more hopeful. This hopeful, peaceful feeling makes it possible to give to others with a compassionate heart.


You can learn to Love who you are just by changing the thoughts you think. The more you love yourself- and feel gratitude for what you have and are- the more you will love others and show them compassion.



“Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving."


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