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Is It Healthy?

Is It Healthy to...?


Use a tanning bed? Some “experts” claim they cause cancer.


Take antacids on a daily basis?  


Honey has gotten a bad rap lately; many scientists claim most honey is fake and may even be dangerous to your health.


Is it healthy and safe to use vegetable oils? We’ve been cooking with them for years. Science shows they may be more hazardous to your health than trans fats.


Is it healthy to take antibiotics on a regular basis? You take them every day when you eat this common food…


Experts weigh in and research confirms, you risk your health and threaten your life when you consume these “innocent foods.”


Is it healthy to question everything you hear? Things aren’t always what they seem…  

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Honey: A Sweet Illusion

Is your honey safe? Most honey is fake and may contain lead, milk sugar, sand, Round Up, HFCS… Test honey at home, easy to…




Actor playing a doctor, advertising drugs.

Hello, I’m an actor playing a doctor. As an acting doctor I recommend these products. Full of unknown chemicals for you, recommended by me. You should feel safe now when you take these chemicals.

Thank You,

Big Pharma

Display of over the counter drugs.

Is Indoor Tanning Healthy?

When you can’t get your Vitamin D from the sun, tanning beds are a good alternative. No, they don’t cause cancer and studies show…

Flavored Drinks Sabotage Your Health

Every time you choose soda, sport drinks, and sugary juices over water you are creating disease. What nutrient is often mistaken for hunger?

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