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Is Indoor Tanning Healthy?

While UV Abuse May Raise Risk

Sensible Exposure Can Be Safe


For years I swore off tanning beds. I was sure they caused cancer, premature wrinkling, and would most surely shorten my life span. I viewed “fake bakers” as naively ignorant and narcissistic. I couldn’t understand why anyone would gamble with their lives by using a tanning bed when they knew they weren’t safe and certainly not healthy.

Woman inside a tanning bed with UVB lights.

That Was Then, This is Now


I have to admit I was quite gullible and trusting in my younger years. Not being a data analyzer by nature, and no internet to provide the plethora of research available today, I believed what I heard on television. I didn’t know the information I was receiving was biased and misguided. Information that appeared to be true, but had an element of doubt… My years of training in the health and wellness field taught me a very important lesson:


The Proof is in the Pudding


  • If tanning beds cause cancer, why don’t all “fake bakers” have it?

  • Vitamin D from tanning beds & sunshine protect against cancers and many other “dis-eases.” Its benefits are nutritional.

  • Taking high quality, whole food supplements can protect from diseases caused by malnutrition.

  • Cancer does not grow in a well-nourished, non-toxic body, sunbed tanned or not.

  • Countries that have high incidences of skin cancer use the most sunscreen (USA & Australia). We understand now that commercial sunscreen is replete with toxic chemicals and prevents Vitamin D synthesis.

  • For those in the northern latitudes, winter tanning is a Godsend. It helps to keep us sane!!

  • Vitamin D is absolutely necessary!

Getting the right amount of vitamin D doesn’t depend on the foods you eat!

Instead, getting the right amount depends on sun exposure and if you take a

supplement with the right amount.

-Vitamin D Council

Safe Sunbed Tanning


  1. Use common sense. Follow rules and guidelines associated with your bed or the service you frequent.

  2. Empower your health. Read, research and learn.


Sunscreens Do More Harm Than Good


Remember the evening news program back in the 90’s featuring children who had acquired rickets, a Vitamin D deficiency? Their well-intentioned parents

(programmed by the media enhanced cancer & sunscreen industries) were slathering chemical laden sunscreen/sunblock on their vulnerable children believing it would protect them. The sunscreen prevented Vitamin D synthesis from the sun which resulted in bone growth deformation.


Due to inactivity and overuse of sunscreen, an epidemic of rickets among children has once again emerged.

Dr. Mercola and UVB vitamin D Bed on a YouTube Video.

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