Chef sprinkling spices


Plate with hummus and vegetable and bread.



This traditional favorite is made with garbanzo beans also called chickpeas.


Necessity being the mother of invention, and feeling adventurous and a bit desperate for hummus dip I decided to try some black beans instead of garbanzos. Much to my delight I found them to be a superb substitution. I also discovered navy beans work well also.



2 c. cooked beans (see recipe bean spread)

3-4 T. lemon juice

2T. Tahini sesame seed paste ( I use untoasted sesame seeds)

2 T. Organic extra-virgin olive oil, EVOO- It’s very important to read our article on vegetable oils. Most cooking oils are toxic and not safe to eat.


2 t. ground cumin, add sparingly if serving children unaccustomed to its taste


1-2 cloves garlic


Pure water, add enough to make a paste for dipping or spreading (Add water while processing)

Salt (Celtic or Himalayan)

Process all ingredients in a processor or blender.

Hummus/Bean Dip Match-ups


Veggies: Carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, radish slices

Spread dip on green leaves such as romaine or kale and roll up like a wrap.


Spread on organic tortillas

Serve with organic blue corn chips

Pita bread with veggies and our Fiesta Seasoning

Cucumber & Tomato Sandwich

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