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Natural Lice Treatment

How to Get Rid of Head Lice:

3 Head Lice Treatments That work


School is back in session. Unfortunately, so is "Lice Season."

The annual nightmare of millions of American parents.


So, your child is sent home from school. What do you do?

Like many other parents your first reaction is to run to the drugstore for an OTC treatment. Or call the doctor who might suggest a prescription.

Child with lice shampoo. How to Get Rid of Head Lice.

Chemicals Attacking Nervous System

Before you douse your child’s head with the stuff, you might want to know what’s in it.

The answer: neurotoxins. Toxic chemicals that attempt to kill lice by attacking the nervous system.


Common head lice treatments are known to cause behavior problems in children and do NOT work.


Yes, the little vermin are mutating and becoming resistant to pesticides. Nature, once again, has provided exactly what we need. Lice won’t develop resistance and you won’t poison to protect you and your family.

These natural treatments are quite effective, however, if you’re not up to the task yourself, there are many professional lice-removal salons

How to Get Rid of Head Lice:

3 Treatments That Work


Coconut Oil & manual removal is quite effective, but you can also try:


Tea tree oil

A potent antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral natural medicine. Very effective at killing head lice.


To create a solution, follow these steps:

  • Gently apply the mixture throughout hair and cover with a shower cap or towel. Leave on for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

  • FYI: Keep a bottle of Tea tree infused shampoo in your bathroom. Use weekly as a prevention during peak “lice season.”


Caution: Keep essential oils out of reach of children

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

DE is made from tiny fossilized water plants called diatoms. Ground into a fine powder, DE dries out the lice and kills them.

Non-toxic to humans, however, breathing the dust for a prolonged period should be avoided. Be sure to source only Food Grade DE.

(EVERYTHING that goes on the skin is absorbed into the body.) You can generally find DE at quality pet stores where it’s sold as a flea repellent and garden centers as an excellent slug & snail repellent. 

Safe DE treatment that kills lice:

  • Place an old t-shirt upside down over your child’s head. Make sure the collar forms a tight seal around neck.

  • Sprinkle DE onto hair.

  • Tie off or place a rubber band around open end and massage DE into your child’s scalp.

  • Let sit overnight, then shampoo.

  • Follow by a thorough combing with an extra fine-tooth comb. You may need to repeat treatment once a week for three weeks.

  • Chart it on your calendar!

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Salt & Vinegar with Coconut Oil

Salt & vinegar work together to dehydrate and eventually, kill lice on your scalp.

This spray mixture is an easy and effective way to rid lice from your child’s head and hair:

  • Spray entire head, saturating thoroughly.

  • Allow scalp to dry and then coat with a layer of coconut oil.

  • Wash hair and scalp thoroughly.

Warning: Lice Products


Nix, Rid, Pronto and other OTC options or a prescription variety contain neurotoxins, which attempt to kill lice by attacking the central nervous system. One brand contains malathion, the same pesticide many communities banned over a decade ago.

These natural treatments are quite effective, however, if you’re not up to the task yourself, there are many professional lice-removal salons that will do it for you. Be sure to choose one that uses only chemical-free treatments.

What Else Should I Do?

Immediately toss sheets, pillowcases, towels and other bedding that may have become contaminated into the dryer for 20 minutes to kill any stragglers.


Conventional lice treatments linked to serious health problems

Pesticide Resistance Found in North American Lice


Why Are U.S. Companies Allowed to Sell Toxic Products to Consumers?


The U. S. Chemical Industry has a lot of buying (bribing) power in Washington and in the media (consistent and repetitious television advertising is responsible for manipulating and influencing the public by means of psychological persuasion). With virtually no regulation of the 80,000+ chemicals used in customer products, consumers risk their health and the health of the planet every time they purchase an item that is not organic or ethically sourced (certified organic, green or EWG verified).


As we continue to vote with our dollars and buy safe products that are ethically sourced/created, we send a loud message to the chemical companies:


We care about our family’s health and the health of future generations.


Pregnant and breastfeeding moms should be especially careful for the sake of themselves as well as their developing children.

*Important Note: Personal care and cleaning product makers change formulations periodically. We do our best to stay abreast of any changes. Always read labels and if you should find a product that we’ve recommended yet no longer endorsed by the EWG, please contact us with details at www.edenscorner.com/contact

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“When we honor the earth, we honor ourselves.”

-L.M. Wilde

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