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How Meditation Changed My Life

During a conversation years ago, a dear friend casually said, “Meditation is the most important thing you can do in your life.” My mind couldn’t grasp it. How could anything be more important than God, family or myself?

Several years later I began a daily meditation practice. The most difficult obstacle I had to overcome was letting go of the belief that I had to be doing something. You know, a chore, a duty, all the stuff we do to make ourselves feel worthy. And letting go of the ceaseless thoughts that drive our lives sometimes to places we wish we hadn’t gone. There is the mindless chatter that says, “Gotta get that on my list, must remember so and so is having a birthday next week..." You get the picture.

Woman meditating with chatter. How Meditation Changed my Life.

A Need to Know Why?

Sometimes we need to know why before we will practice something and eventually make it a habit. It must provide a benefit, pay out dividends, and in the end make a difference in our lives.


Why do we meditate? We meditate because

it connects us to our higher selves.

The connection to the divine transcends the ego. The ego says, You should… You must…  Anything that puts one into a state of fear or doubt.

Transcending, and going beyond the ego frees your mind from negative, self-limiting beliefs. It allows your higher self to express you in ways that are peaceful and harmonious. Over time you will feel more peaceful, kind and loving.


As the fear and doubt fade, so too will unhappiness and discontent.

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Read Free Your Mind for insight on how to meditate and tools for your practice.

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