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Honey: A Sweet Illusion

Honey the Nectar of Gods


Once considered nectar of the Gods, honey has become another tainted and poisonous food crop throughout the world.


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much more than honey...

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Synthetic Honey


Over 75% of US imported honey comes from China and India.

Unscrupulous companies, in order to increase their bottom line, are creating their own “honey” products that often contain heavy metals, milk sugar, high fructose corn syrup, pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides and other toxins.


American honey fares no better.  A single honeybee can fly over 6 miles in search of nectar. And sadly, there is little land left where honeybees (and their honey) is not poisoned by Monsanto’s herbicide, Round Up.  

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Uninformed homeowners


do not realize that the chemicals they are using have devastating effects on honeybee populations 

(especially TOXIC Round Up, which is banned in most countries). Next time you reach for a poison to protect your home and yard, consider the fact that one out of every three bites of food you eat is dependent upon honeybee pollination.

The US Right to Know (a non-profit organization that investigates the risks associated with the corporate food system) obtained documents through the Freedom of Information Act which disclosed that after the FDA found weed killer (Round Up/glyphosate) in nearly 100% of honey products, it kept the information secret and refused to warn the public. Even honey marketed as being

“100% all-natural”

was found to contain twice the European Union’s allowable glyphosate (Round Up) residue.


Glyphosate residue levels are problematic in that amounts cannot be measured when multiple tainted foods are eaten. And it’s wise to know that over 80% of processed foods

(that’s pretty much anything in a box, can or package) contain genetically modified ingredients, specifically, the weed killer, Round Up. Many of them are found in foods such as Quaker oatmeal, given to infants and children.

Friendly little honey bee with big eyes.

No Regulation nor Integrity


Government (FDA and the USDA) corruption through the lobbying efforts of Monsanto and the GMO industry have made it impossible for the American consumer to know just what dangerous chemicals are lurking in their food. The proof however, can be found by observing the state of health and the ever-burdened tax payer as he/she is forced to subsidize the costs of Big Food and Big Pharma's "business of disease." 

Home Test for Honey Purity


Fake Honey Does Not Burn

Place some honey on a piece of fabric and roll up. Light a candle or match and try to burn it. Honey will burn. Fake honey will not.


Put Honey on a Spoon 

Tilt the spoon. If the honey falls quickly, it is not pure honey. Good honey stays on the spoon or falls off slowly.


Place Stale Bread in Honey

Take a small piece of old bread and spread some honey on it. Leave for 10 minutes. If the bread is hard, you have pure honey. If the bread is soggy, your honey is fake.


Food Fraud is a Growing Problem

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King 5 news, Food Fraud is a growing problem in today's Grocery stores. Youtube video

Where Can You Get Real Honey?


Shop locally and purchase only raw, unfiltered honey. Cheap honey is most likely fake and toxic.


Without adequate labeling, you won’t know if your honey has added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, heavy metals, gmo’s, antibiotics, sawdust, sand, etc.


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As a consumer, you vote with your dollar and your voice. When you buy products made with integrity you are supporting industries that care for you, your family and the planet. Every purchase you make affects our world…

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