Hi friends, my name is Scampy. Actually, mom and dad named me after the late, great rocker Alvin Lee from the band, Ten Years After. Or so they tell people. (I think mom & dad are a couple of old hippies.) Alvin’s my name but they usually call me Scampy, unless I’m in trouble. When mom says, “Alvin Lee” usually in a voice I don’t much care for, I pay attention. Well, sometimes. I know my folks mean well, but sometimes they don’t understand. When I’m sniffing something, I don’t want to be interrupted! And believe me, I can put the brakes on and I’ve got a look, usually from my blue eye, that means business. Yea right, when mom says the “treat” word I lose all resolve and even forget why I was being so stubborn in the first place.

1. No cold outside.

2. Warm food.

3. Quiet.

My story begins on a cool Friday night, did I mention I hate the cold? My soon-to-be folks came to meet me. I was so excited to have company I couldn’t stop jumping and licking! They were really nice to me and I could tell they were “dog people.”


Well, that night they took me to a strange new place. First thing mom did was put me in the bath. I didn’t like it much at all, but she climbed right in with treats and sang to me. I felt so much better, but I was still scared and bewildered. That night, as we snuggled together, me in the middle, I wondered, “Who are these strange people?”  I let them know right away they could hold me anytime and they need not spare the treats either. Each day got better and better, especially when they figured out what I like and don’t like.

Mom scared me something awful first time she cranked up the tunes and started singing. Of course I can bark and get loud; it’s my job and that’s what dogs do.

Winters are hard on me though. Dad finally got smart and got me my own electric lap blanket. Sure is sweet under those covers! Mom carries me outside to do my business and some days it’s more than I can bare. When a cold winter chill hits my coat I just want to run inside as fast as my short little Daschund legs can carry me. I miss the long walks in the park. We still go, but it isn’t as fun if it rains or it’s too cold to stay for all the sniffs I want.


In the spring I can smell the sweet scent of summer.

Ah, warm sunny days basking for hours, ok maybe minutes, mom keeps me busy following her wherever she goes. Most of the time I sit in my stroller close by keeping an eye on her and making sure she’s safe and giving me a treat now and then. She sure likes to dig in the dirt. I thought only dogs do that?

Life just keeps getting better and better.

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Scampy’s Jerky 


My mom makes the best treats with this food dryer. She says to finely grate ½ c. or more of carrot, ½ c. or more of sweet potato or yam and mix with one-half to two-thirds of a lb. of pasture-raised, organic ground beef.


Fill the jerky gun and shoot sausages onto the trays and dry for 1 and 1/2 hours on highest setting. Store in an airtight container in refrigerator up to 1 week or freeze.

Your (animal) family is gonna love this! My Auntie Dawn’s kitty sure does.

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