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Hidden Truth in Your Bones

Osteoporosis medications, Our savior?


Osteoporosis. It’s the dreaded word we’ve come to fear. Not as scary as cancer, but it’s up there.


We’ve heard the stories of the old lady who takes a nasty fall and breaks her hip only to perish months later in a nursing home.

Osteoporosis medications of all sorts.

Calcium Supplements the Cure All?


Our savior? Osteoporosis medications. There’s been lots of hype about their efficacy and if you watch the news you’d believe they were a Godsend. But are they really? Not if you read “Your Bones,” by Lara Pizzorno, M.A, LMT with Jonathan Wright, M.D. Bisphosphonates have nasty side effects and what I learned will horrify you. Especially if you’re currently taking them.


Let’s first take a look at the second most touted preventative for osteoporosis. Once heralded as a cure-all for thinning bones, calcium supplements are still popular as ever and even mainstream doctors are recommending their use. Unfortunately, calcium supplements are not the cure-all and you’re probably wasting a lot of money.

Upon further examination I was able to read the words of the calcium company still printed on them.

This had me wondering,

“Just how effective are calcium supplements?”

I discovered this important bit of information completely by accident while working in the nursing field in approximately 2002. As I was emptying a resident’s colostomy bag one afternoon I noted some pills. Upon further examination I was able to read the words of the calcium company still printed on them. This had me wondering,

“Just how effective are calcium supplements?”

Being curious and always searching for answers to health and healing, I went on a quest for the answer to my supplement conundrum.


I decided I needed to understand why bones become brittle and prone to fracture. And also the role diet & lifestyle serve; building and maintaining bone mass, before investigating the supplement issue.


The Calcium Discovery


Hours of research led me to a shocking discovery. What I learned would change my once held beliefs about food and its profound effect on our bones.  Anne Marie Colbin Ph.D., in her ground breaking book, “Food and Our Bones,” would revolutionize the old paradigm and bring a new perspective to the topic of bone health.

Dr. Colbin studied the calcium intake of people around the world. She examined the diets of people who consumed no dairy products to significant dairy consumers in developed countries such as the United States.

What I read shocked and surprised me.


It totally turned my long held convictions upside down.


This is what I had held to be true:

Dairy foods make bones strong and are absolutely vital to bone health and preventing osteoporosis. 


Children need milk every day to ensure proper bone growth.

Anne Marie Colbin, award-winning leader in the field of natural health, dispels the myths we’ve been taught (programmed?) about the necessity of dairy products for proper bone health.


Her research led to the discovery that conventional treatments like estrogen therapy, calcium supplements, and prescription medications are not the answer to osteoporosis.


She insists that most of us get enough calcium, but offset its effects by our intake of other foods. Acidic foods- generally fat, salt and sugar- common to the Standard American Diet, or SAD, cause the body to pull calcium from the bones in a desperate attempt to neutralize or create a pH that is closer to alkaline. Hence, the bones become weak and brittle resulting in osteoporosis.

Reni and Scampy on the beach.
Standard American Diet, Salt, Fat and Sugar.

The human body in an alkaline state is a healthy body free of disease. It makes sense to eat foods that create an alkaline pH that will build strong bones.


Acidic Foods vs. Alkaline Foods


Acidic foods to avoid:


  • Table Salt (highly toxic-find out which salt GIVES you minerals)

  • Refined Carbs and Processed Foods

  • Soda

  • Sugar

  • Caffeine


Limit your intake of meat:

While meat supplies some protein (much is destroyed during cooking), large amounts wreak havoc on your body and stress your kidneys.


Alkaline Foods for Strong Bones:


  • Leafy green vegetables

  • Dark green vegetables

  • Vegetable juice drinks

  • Apple cider vinegar

Green Vegetables plus a green drink, Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar.

Health & Lifestyle Corruption


Once again I am shocked and dismayed by the corruption in this country. Corporation and shareholders profits have surpassed compassion for human life. Continue reading and you’ll understand. I hope that in the future you will question everything that affects your health & lifestyle.


Do the research and take no one’s word until you know for sure.


Patent Medicines and Their Side Effects


Despite the dangers and health risks from bisphosphonates it is estimated 30 million American women are taking these dangerous and useless patent drugs.


Side Effects of Bisphosphonates Include:


  • Increased risk of bone fracture- suppresses new bone growth

  • Jaw bone death- osteonecrosis; sores that do not respond to conventional treatment


  • Cardiac arrhythmia

  • Bone, joint, and/or muscle pain which may not resolve even after patent med is discontinued


  • Throat erosion & ulceration

  • GI tract lining, severe damage

  • Throat cancer, increased risk

  • Myalgia, severe muscle pain

  • Kidney deterioration and failure

  • Flu-like illness

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Glass of Emergen C Drink sold at Amazon

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These medications were intended to prevent osteoporosis. Do you believe the pharmaceutical industry has your health in their best interest or their bottom line (profits)?


You are responsible for your healthcare. Staying healthy is easy when you know what to do. Here are some guidelines and further resources for your wellness journey.


Optimum Nutrition & Supplements


Proper bone health is much more than calcium. We know it is instrumental to building strong bones, but you need a lot more than calcium to grow new bones and prevent major bone loss.


Please keep in mind these are only guidelines. We have referenced sources below for further study. Supplement your diet the best your circumstances afford.



Preferably leafy ones for a slightly alkaline pH. Eat real food; food you have to refrigerate. A plant based diet is the healthiest diet on the planet. Organic produce is rich in minerals. Conventional produce does not have optimum nutrition and is very toxic. Peruse EWG’s “Dirty Dozen” list to see what produce you should avoid, especially children. Keep your pH slightly alkaline. Acidic diets attempt to buffer by leaching alkaline minerals such as calcium, from your bones.



Studies indicate some calcium supplements absorb better than others (more calcium is delivered into the bloodstream) and do not include toxic ingredients such as lead.


Choose calcium citrate. Skip the calcium carbonate. It’s inexpensive but not very effective. You can learn more regarding calcium in the book, “Your Bones.” Stomach acid aids your ability to absorb calcium supplements. If your stomach acid is low, you will have poor absorption. Taking antacids? STOP!! Antacids are detrimental to your health and the health of your bones! You’ve got to look at your diet and lifestyle.



B vitamins are vital for proper bone growth, and in today’s world, essential to our often overtaxed nervous system.



An integral player in the formation of bone building osteoclasts. Great sources of Vitamin C are Ester-C and Emergen-C. Emergen-C is an easy to drink powder. They have a great selection of electrolyte infused flavors also.


You need extra Vitamin C (1000 mg and more daily) if you:

  • Smoke

  • Eat processed foods

  • Consume foods and drinks high in sugar

  • Are unhealthy and prone to colds & flu


VITAMIN D- Sun & Supplementation & Light Therapy

Essential for calcium absorption, Vitamin D can be easy to get if you live in an environment with year round sunshine. Full Spectrum light therapy is available for the dark days of winter.


Sun & tanning beds do not cause cancer! Do I need to repeat that? Our bodies (most of us) were designed to thrive in sunshine. We suffer when we don’t get enough. Here’s something to ponder about the safety of sunbathing and tanning bed exposure: Most people who do it, DO NOT GET CANCER! Actually, there’s a lot of evidence that shows the sunscreen designed to prevent cancer actually causes it! Okay, if that’s your first time hearing this, take a breath. A long, deep one and read that again. We as a nation, as a world, have been deceived once again. I know, sounds like a conspiracy theory. Right now let’s talk some more about supplements.


*Vitamin D can be toxic for those suffering from certain thyroid issues. Consult your functional medicine or integrative doctor if you have any concerns.



Necessary for calcium to be deposited into bones. Highest source is supplementation.


There are other trace minerals needed for bone health. Please consult these invaluable resources,

“Your Bones” and “The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine” 

for more in depth study. And your healthcare practitioner. We suggest everyone take a high quality whole food, non-GMO vitamin & mineral supplement when not on a juicing fast/reset.




Soda contains high amounts of phosphates and are low in calcium. When calcium is low it is pulled from your bones to restore the delicate pH balance.



It’s poison! Here’s a healthy mineral rich salt that is good for you!


AVOID SUGAR (it has 56 names now!)



Daily weight bearing exercise such as walking, strength exercising and yoga, makes your bones stronger.



What is your expression of aging? Your mind is powerfully creating your body. Those living in countries where the older generation is revered and respected lead healthy and happy lives. How do you see your body? Your life? See our inspiration page for mindful living/awareness stories.


With attention to your diet, some healthy lifestyle changes and good supplements, most women and men can prevent, even reverse bone loss without drugs and painful side effects.

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