Healing Herbs along a fence drying
Healing Herbs

Herbs heal your body naturally, the way God/Nature intended.

Since ancient times, healing herbs have been used throughout the world to prevent and treat illness. Herbal medicine; foods, herbs & spices, are used to treat virtually every medical condition that exists. Our wise creator has given us a plant for our every need. Healing herbs are vital to survival in many parts of the world, however, in “modern societies” allopathic medicine (use of pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy, etc.) dominates over other healing modalities, including our time-tested, nature approved, healing herbs.

The pharmaceutical industry has synthesized beneficial compounds found in some herbs. These “new drugs” become patentable and highly profitable. Unfortunately, it is impossible to re-create nature from toxic chemicals designed to treat symptoms of a disease; toxic drugs that were never intended to heal. How could something the body recognizes as poison ever accomplish that? Why would an industry want to heal people when it isn’t in their most profitable interest?


Today there is an herbal renaissance around the world. As modern medicine fails to heal, and desperation motivates the need to seek healing modalities, herbal medicine, is once again recognized as our most respected and effective method of healing.

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