Child looking at chess game, a naive pawn of propaganda.

Groomed to be Doomed

From birth to age seven we’re downloaded with beliefs, opinions and fears of the tribe we were born into. Society, friends and acquaintances all mold and define the being we are becoming.


After the age of seven, we’re on our own. We have the freewill (control of our own mind) to decipher for ourselves everything we experience. Unconsciously, we gather every experience and file it away for future use.

Child looking at a large chest board.

What if the downloads you’ve acquired have taught you to fear the world? To believe ideas and values that are not making you happy or successful?


If that is your life experience then you probably believe other people get the breaks. Other people are lucky. You believe it because…


You have been groomed to be doomed.


Well-meaning adults have given you what they have been taught; their prejudices, biased opinions and hatred of others, etc. They've taught you well and expect you to behave and to think exactly like them. Because it’s good for you. And somehow it will keep you safe.


It’s all been an illusion, a dream. Possibly a nightmare.


In today’s world, media propaganda cleverly manipulates and molds the public's values and beliefs. This conscious and intelligent manipulation of the masses is creating a legacy of fear, sickness and war.


Can you outwit the negative programming that has a stranglehold on 98% of humanity?


What can you do to break free from the Matrix? 

To take back control and power of your own life you’ve got to change your mindset and negative thinking.  Stay away from those who are negative and unhappy. Learn to think for yourself.


Remember: Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Kids holding hands looking at the world in the universe, Matrix?

It won’t be easy, it takes discipline and a determination to want to succeed and managing your thoughts is crucial.


Tips & Tools to Get Your Life (Mind) Back


  • Learn to think for yourself. Don’t believe everything you hear, especially if it’s negative.

  • Turn off the television. TV is the worst negative source your mind will ever encounter.

  • Treat yourself well- Eat the best foods, drink pure water, think good thoughts about yourself and others. Processed foods destroy your body, your mind and lead to negative and self-destructive thoughts. You cannot think clearly if your brain is foggy and you’re full of toxic junk.

  • Avoid negative people like the plague!! They are dream stealers.

  • Get disciplined! Find your passion and you will never work another day in your life.


Beliefs are only a thought you have been thinking for a long time…

You’ve had a lifetime of negative programming. And overcoming your programming will take time. But you can and you will overcome your negative thoughts and habits, eventually.


You were not born to endure a miserable living, pay bills, get sick and then die.


You were born to discover the incredible person you were meant to be. Your purpose in life is to realize why you are here and what you were meant to do with your life.


To change your life, you start with just one positive, good feeling thought, and then another and another, until you have made good thinking a habit. You’ve got to care about how you feel more than anything else. Thoughts don’t make you feel good? Change them into positive, better feeling ones. Your thoughts are creating your life in every second…

And when you feel the fear, do it anyway.


Commit yourself to a dream. Start with a goal. Just one small goal every day. Drink water instead of soda. Get outside and go for a walk. Listen to motivational videos. Watch positive, uplifting movies, turn off the news (negative television is designed to keep you living in fear and consuming destructive foods and beliefs).


It has taken me decades to overcome the negative thoughts that had set me on a path of self-destruction in my youth. I always knew life was meant to be happy and I was here for a reason. And it sure wasn’t to be depressed and miserable.


When you ask, it is given.


Just one day prior to my self-destruction, my desperation inspired me to pray for a miracle (that would save my life). Almost immediately, the people, books, and audio tapes came like a life ring (saver) into my life. It didn’t take long however, before I realized it was going to be work and it would take discipline.


Decades later I continue to do the work. Before I get out of bed I am thanking God/Creator for (specific) things and people I have in my life.


I DO NOT let old programming get hold of my mind and take me on a negative stream of mindless thoughts that do not feel good. Old thoughts that threaten to ruin my life.


Here are some powerful tools I continue to use today. You might find them helpful.

Life changing. This fast method of tapping has changed my old memories from crippling to acceptable. The memory doesn’t fade, however, the emotional charge around it dissolves. It’s absolutely liberating. There’s a great free course and hundreds of YouTube videos.


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay – I’ve used this book for over twenty years. Amazing.


When you make peace with your past you are free to create a life that brings you peace and abundance.

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