Organic Vegetables and fruits. GMO- Force Feeding the World

GMO- Force Feeding the World

Is It a Horror Film

Food is our lifeline to survival. Every nutrient we need lies in the foods given from nature by our generous creator.

We have survived and thrived because we ate foods intended for our bodies. Foods that satisfy, food that heals.


The world today looks much like a horror film. Millions of people (and our pets too) are unwittingly consuming artificial

chemicals disguised as food; taking part in the largest genetic/chemical feeding experiment in history.

Man in hazmat suit checking GMO corn up close. GMO: Force Feeding of the World

Guinea Pigs?

Tragically, we’re guinea pigs consuming foods that have been modified with herbicides, pesticides, other plants or animals, antibiotics, thousands of synthetic chemicals… Foods that have not been tested for safety and are DANGEROUS FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.


Our food has been taken hostage. Government entities and chemical industries are manipulating food, water and health policies with no regard for the safety and preservation of the people, the environment or its future. Biotech companies are manipulating the very fabric of life (DNA); creating atrocities against nature and threatening the health of our planet & the lives of millions of people around the world; gambling with our lives and future generations.

Ingenious Marketing Deceives the Public

Subliminal brainwashing has convinced people to eat foods,

produce in particular, that is NOT organic.

Organic has been given a bad name and most are unaware the “cheaper” fruits & vegetables they are eating have virtually no minerals and contribute to cancers and other chemically-induced toxic “dis-eases.”


Misinformation via mainstream media is keeping the masses blind to the knowledge that the foods they’re consuming are poisoning and killing their dreams and their bodies. Common sense and self-preservation has disappeared; replaced by myths, lies and subterfuge.


Consumers have lost their ability to discern the truth.


Anti-Nutrient GM Foods Cause Malnutrition, Leading to Chronic “Dis-eases”

The vast majority of the population is in the dark; unaware that industrial (laboratory created) foods cause nutritional wasting (starvation).


Anti-nutrient “toxic food products” cannot provide the 90 nutrients our bodies need for good health. Making matters worse, they poison an already malnourished body. Side effects of nutritional wasting and toxicity have been given names such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Beyond the Chemicals

Furthermore, GE crops are grown with obscene amounts of pesticides. Chronic exposure has been linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hormone disruption, developmental disorders and sterility.  


Beyond the chemicals used to grow gm crops, there are 10,000 synthetic ingredients available to the commercial food industry.


Untested “Franken foods” created through genetic manipulation combine animal and plant cells; fish with cattle growth genes, tomatoes with flounder genes, corn with bacteria genes, “super” pigs with human growth genes, and thousands of other altered and engineered animals, plants, organisms and insects.


How Did We Allow This Happen? Why isn’t the FDA & USDA Protecting Us?

As a nation, and the world, we have been complacent. Our blind trust and apathy has created a chemical environment that threatens our very existence.


Dazzled by bright packages, ingeniously deceptive advertising and decades of subliminal brainwashing is wreaking havoc on our children, pets and our earth.

Despite public outcry and evidence supporting the majority of people did not want GM foods, or at least insist they be labeled, the biotech companies in collusion with the American Grocers Association and others, continue to dole out billions to keep their products on the shelves, hidden in plain view of the unsuspecting consumer.


Turning A Blind Eye

Government regulatory agencies created to protect the public have turned a blind eye (while filling their wallets) to the health and environmental risks of GM technology and to the chemical additives designed to keep people addicted to their health-depriving garbage.  

Ironically, scientists that have worked for these chemical companies now work for the FDA!


Backed by billions of tax payer dollars, in collusion with corrupt government entities, chemical companies are masquerading as “agricultural markets.” Poisoning the public mind with fear and promise to feed a starving world, they spread poison and sickness, driving the world’s health crisis to epidemic proportions.


With no government regulation to monitor biotech companies; Monsanto (maker of Agent Orange, DDT and PCB’s), DuPont, Bayer, Syngenta, and Dow are trusted to determine whether their “franken foods” are harmless,

despite lack of independent studies proving them safe for human and animal consumption.

Animal feed is also tainted with genetically modified corn and soy. People consuming factory farmed meat are getting even more GMO foods in their diet.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

Consumerism at it's Best


Money-hungry corporations have created a society where the populace is so preoccupied with consumerism they’re oblivious to the mass genocide by their corrupt government and the unethical corporations that care for nothing but shareholder’s profits.


In the United States there are on average 38,000 different products in a typical grocery store. Over 80% contain genetically engineered organisms and are unfit for human consumption.

Genetically Engineered Foods May be Far More Harmful

Than We Thought


The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reports multiple animal studies show significant immune dysregulation. Also altered function of the liver, including lipid (fats), and carbohydrate metabolism that could lead to accelerated aging. Changes in kidney, pancreas and spleen have also been documented.


Weston A Price Foundation

The prestigious Weston A. Price Foundation shares experiences from farmers and veterinarians who,

after removing GM foods from animal diets found health problems including infertility and miscarriage

reverse almost immediately.

Moreover, disorders identified in animal feeding studies by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine clear up in humans as well as animals when they switch to a non-GMO diet. For more of this inclusive and compelling article read full story here.

The report also points to experts who warn that certain pesticides can persist in the environment for decades, posing a threat to the entire ecological system on which food production depends.


“How could we have ever thought that it is a good idea to grow our food with poisons?”

– Dr. Jane Goodall




  • 1994: Scientists from the Consumers Union and the Cancer Prevention Coalition warned that significantly higher levels of rBGH, a potent chemical hormone in milk and dairy products could pose serious hazards for human breast, prostate and colon cancer. Cows given rBGH have high levels of antibiotics, pus and bacteria in their milk, which are then passed on to the consumer. No other industrialized nation permits this hormone in their milk supply. Choose organic milk to guarantee you are not getting this hormone.

  • 1996: New England Journal of Medicine warned, “The allergy potential of these newly introduced proteins is uncertain, unpredictable and untestable.”

  • 1999: According to the book, “Self Defense Guide for Consumers,” by Ronnie Cummins & Ben Lilliston, the medical research journal CANCER (vol.86) states, foods with residues of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Round up, commonly gene-spliced into crops such as soybeans, corn and canola, pose possible health hazards to human health.


Stephanie Seneff, research scientist at MIT, and independent science consultant, Anthony Samsel, have more to say to about the damaging effects of glyphosate




  • GMO’s are tainting nearby crops, organic and non-organic. They are creating “superweeds” and “superpests”, requiring even stronger chemicals (poisons) to kill them.

  • Scientists are concerned that all insects will be affected. The good (beneficial) and the bad. Bees, so important to pollination, may soon disappear.




  • Farmers using GE seed cannot save seed for future use (as they have always done) and legally do not own any genetically engineered seed.

  • GE crops require additional herbicides and pesticides, increasing the cost to farmers and further poisoning the farmers, soil and water systems.

  • Non-GE farmers have lost entire crops due to pollen drift from GE crops.

  • American family farms and farmers around the world are being forced out of business, relentlessly driven off the land by large GE farms.Organic and non-GE farmers are at risk to pollen drift from GE “pharm crops”.

  • “Biopharms” are gene-splicing pharmaceutical, various medicines, industrial enzymes, antibodies and an abortion-inducing compound.

It may be decades before we fully understand the widespread impact of the destruction created by genetically engineered food’s chemical and genetic pollution.



The only way to assure you and your family are eating GMO free food is to buy USDA 100% organic or look for the Non-GMO Project Verification Seal

Further Research

Health Risks of GM Food by Jeffrey Smith IRT, Founder

Genetically Engineered Foods May be Far More Harmful than We Thought

Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods DVD Jeffrey Smith

Monsanto Isn’t Feeding the World-It’s Killing Our Children


FDA & Animal Biopharms & Clones

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