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Glass Cleaner

In the good ole’ days, glass cleaners were simply made from stuff like vinegar, salt or baking soda. Of course, the tough jobs required “elbow grease.” Natural cleaning products did the job and required a very small investment.


The advent of commercial advertising brought countless “miracle cleaners.” Little did we know those domestic marvels were (are) filled with cancer-causing, unregulated chemical ingredients. Chemicals so dangerous many countries have banned them.

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Years ago, while managing my natural food co-op, I learned that children can be poisoned by touching and licking surfaces of glass where typical glass cleaners have been used. That had me wondering, “Why would any company sell cleaning products that are potentially hazardous in the home?” (The reasons you will find below.)

Why pay for expensive advertising that sells you toxic, cancer-causing chemicals? (Sorry about that, I hate to be the bearer of bad news.) See how your current cleaning product rates on the toxicity scale here.

This DIY Glass Cleaner costs only pennies to make. It’s effective, safe for you and your family, your pets, and won’t harm the environment like common store brands do.

These homemade DIY natural glass cleaner recipes are safe, effective and cost only pennies to make. Chances are you already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Now you can make your own glass cleaner. No need to poison to protect and clean. And since you won’t be buying plastic containers and throwing them away, you’ll be keeping them out of the landfill and the ocean!




Recipe #1

This is a basic, yet effective recipe. 


White vinegar – Purchase it by the gallon. It’s a staple in your cleaning toolkit.

Water, filtered or distilled

Spray bottle




Fill spray bottle half full with vinegar. Add water to fill spray bottle almost to the top. Shake well.


Spray window or door and wipe. I use a small squeegee. It works easily and perfectly.



Recipe #2

1 c. white vinegar

1 c. rubbing alcohol

1 T. GMO-free cornstarch (optional) – Buy organic or ethically sourced from reputable sources

2 c. warm-hot water

Spray bottle, glass OR plastic




Pour liquids into spray bottle. Add cornstarch. Shake well before each use as cornstarch tends to puddle up. Store in a cool cabinet away from heat as alcohol is flammable.

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Why Clean Glass with Vinegar?

Vinegar is inexpensive. There’s no harsh fumes or chemicals. It effectively removes fingerprints and window grime. Doesn’t leave streaks.

How Great is your “Glass Cleaner?

Green Works naturally derived glass cleaner

gets an F rating from the

Environmental Working Group.

F; for potentially significant hazards to health or the environment or poor ingredient disclosure. Note: The EPA certifies many (toxic) Clorox products including this one as “Green Certified.”

Warnings and Precautions for DIY Cleaning Products


1.    Never reuse chemical cleaning product bottles. Vinegar and alcohol are solvents and will pick up any traces        of chemicals from the old bottle.

2.    Always label your bottle. Use a marker or label to clearly mark what is in the bottle. Add the date so you’ll            know if your product is fresh. Old DIY cleaning mixtures can lose effectiveness over time.

3.    Store out of reach of children and pets.

Why Are U.S. Companies Allowed to Sell Toxic Products to Consumers?


The U. S. Chemical Industry has a lot of buying (bribing) power in Washington and in the media (consistent and repetitious television advertising is responsible for manipulating and influencing the public by means of psychological persuasion). With virtually no regulation of the 80,000+ chemicals used in customer products, consumers risk their health and the health of the planet every time they purchase an item that is not organic or ethically sourced (certified organic, green or EWG verified).


As we continue to vote with our dollars and buy safe products that are ethically sourced/created, we send a loud message to the chemical companies:


We care about our family’s health and the health of future generations.


Pregnant and breastfeeding moms should be especially careful for the sake of themselves as well as their developing children.

Alternative Products

For those of you that don’t have the time to make your own DIY glass cleaner, yet want a product that is safe and effective, we’ve carefully chosen these Amazon-sourced products for you. Each product is rated EWG Verified by the Environmental Working Group.

Buy Certified Green Products

Label claims aren’t always true. Products certified by Green Seal or EcoLogo meet green standards.

*Important Note: Personal care and cleaning product makers change formulations periodically. We do our best to stay abreast of any changes. Always read labels and if you should find a product that we’ve recommended yet no longer endorsed by the EWG, please contact us with details at www.edenscorner.com/contact

Thank you for partnering with Eden’s Corner to support companies with integrity. Your love and caring benefits you, the earth and future generations.


By purchasing at Amazon while on Eden’s Corner your caring helps support the work we do for you.


“When we honor the earth, we honor ourselves.”

-L.M. Wilde

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