Fringe Dweller woman with eyes closed to masses.

Fringe Dweller Child

A Fringe Dweller child yearns to belong. To be a part of a collective unit; bonded and united with a family that embraces the philosophy, “We are a family that loves and belongs to all families.”


As an infant, the Fringe Dweller child came into the world open-hearted. Filled with the love of a spirit that knew it was connected to every living thing. Free and at peace in the world. 

Wanting only to love and be loved.


For most of us, the magic disappeared. Eventually replaced with an environment driven by fear and the illusion of separateness. The mass consciousness held beliefs that expressed fear and hatred of others. Sometimes the evil was more than we could bare. We rebelled, we shut down, we disengaged.

Child peeking with a interest in the eyes.

Confused, and emotionally isolated we followed them. Not because it was the best place to be. But because it was the only place to be.

We were spirits desperately seeking to remember who we were and why we came here.


Growing up wasn’t easy. We tried to fit in, but the rhythm of society held only discord, disrupting the beautiful music we needed to hear. Society’s unbending rules of judgment and confinement did not inspire and encourage us to be independent thinkers. We were taught what to think not how to think.


Instinctively, we understood that we’re all created equally. Yet we are keenly aware it is only our thoughts that separate us.


We are different because we listen to the divine voice inside us. We are trying to keep the voice alive, while the outside world threatens to silence our thoughts and mold us into pawns that will conform and not dare to question the inequity around us.


We are attracted to others like us and instinctively gravitate to those that know what we know. Others that think for themselves. That question the rules and long to blaze their own trail. Sentient beings longing to remember who they are and why they are here.

“As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, Because I know things and must hint at things which Others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know.

-Carl Jung, Fringe Dweller


Dr. Carl Jung—one of history’s greatest minds—argues that civilization’s future depends on our ability as individuals to resist the collective forces of society. Jung compellingly argues that only then can we begin to cope with the dangers posed by mass society—“the sum total of individuals”—and resist the potential threats posed by those in power.

Fringe Dweller Child, the dreamer, gazing into the sky.

7 Signs You May Be/Have Been a Fringe Dweller Child

  1. You long for a loving family unit.

  2. You realize the love around you has been replaced by fear and excessive rules.

  3. You emotionally detach from your dysfunctional unit.

  4. You follow because there is no other place to go.

  5. You attempt to fit in.

  6. You know you are different.

  7. You are attracted to other independent thinkers.

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