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Fringe Dweller woman with eyes closed to masses.

Fringe Dweller

For generations, Australia’s Aboriginal Fringe Dwellers have lived on the outskirts of town. As outcasts of the community in deprived conditions, they look on…


The Fringe Dweller we’re are speaking of here also lives outside the parameters of society. Physically present, yet aware...

While they may look like the masses, they do not follow the status quo. They are among the 1% or so who have retained their sense of self, their individuality.


One could say they are in this world, but not of it.


As Fringe Dwellers ourselves, Rick and I were quite excited to have found Stuart Wilde. He often used the term Fringe Dweller to describe creative individuals who think independently of the masses; those naïve souls, unaware their thoughts and actions are continuously influenced by an invisible group of nefarious individuals.

Stuart Wilde’s friendship and influence on our beloved spiritual teacher and mentor, Wayne Dyer, is also encouraging as we seek to inspire others who may live on the Fringe and wonder why the world seems at odds to their own beliefs and values.


Stuart Wilde is considered as one of the greatest metaphysical teachers who ever lived. He has influenced Fringe Dwellers worldwide and although he has passed from the physical world, his philosophy continues through his many books to affect millions around the globe.


The Fringe Dweller has a strong sense of self-preservation; understanding that knowledge is key to health and happiness. They seek a wholesome diet and lifestyle and are conscious of the subliminal marketing of industrial food, chemical patent drugs disguised as medicine, and other harmful commercial products that are sickening and killing the populace.


Unlike the masses who are frequently motivated by fear, the Fringe Dweller is inspired by love and acts in ways that express compassion and reverence for themselves and the world.


The Fringe Dweller lives as a spiritual being with the knowing that all are one and what affects one, affects all.

The Fringe Dweller

You won’t know the Fringe Dweller when you first meet them. They look much like everyone else. What’s different about the Fringe Dweller is their mind. They think for themselves; questioning every rule, belief, and value imposed by society. Observing the masses, they generally do the opposite. They’ve been known to dance to the beat of their own drum.


The Fringe Dweller Mentality

The Fringe Dweller mentality has positive aspects: A higher consciousness brings new perception. With it the incessant desire to learn and invest in collecting new experiences. One day you may find yourself in a system that does not denigrate you, but one that supports you to become ever more.


Inherently Aware

Fringe Dwellers are inherently aware. In order to understand the system of subliminal programming and control- and even more so, how to escape the matrix- you have to understand the power of subliminal suggestion. The world is full of dark and negative subliminal suggestions designed to influence your attitudes and inner feelings. This brainwashing is designed to influence your conscious and subconscious mind.


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