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Free Your Mind

Thousands of thoughts race untethered through our minds every day. Some feel good, others so ruthless they tie our stomach in knots.


What if you could free your mind? Wouldn’t it be great to get a break from the whirlwind of endless thoughts that seem to have a mind of their own?

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Meditation can free the mind of thoughts that create anger, pain and sabotage one’s best intentions.


I’ve been close to crazy from my thoughts more times than I care to admit. I’m not saying you have to be crazy to benefit from meditation, but if you’re living in an unhealthy body, or your relationships are not harmonious, meditation can certainly help. Having a daily meditation practice will Awaken Your Spirit Within; your pathway to your bliss- your reason and passion for this life you have come to live. 


Today, people from all walks of life meditate. In India, meditation has been an integral part of Ayurveda- India’s ancient healing system- for over 5,000 years. Meditation is similar to prayer, however, it is said prayer is you talking to God, while meditation is listening to hear the voice of God.


Its popularity may be due to the fact that virtually anyone can do it and its well-documented benefits are many. Meditation creates discipline in the mind. It slows down the ceaseless chatter that takes over when a mind is not aware or conscious of its thoughts. There is nothing else that can free the mind of ceaseless thoughts- it’s estimated we have around 60,000 of them per day! Meditating rewires the brain and creates calmness and an inner peace that may be unattainable otherwise. As a meditator you carry this calmness and inner peace with you throughout your day, over time, you’ll experience changes in your physiology and the reality you live in.

'Having mastered the body through yogic teachings so that it becomes a fit habitation for the soul; having the senses, emotions and mind under control, the wise person discards the worn out sheaths of desire, fear and confusion and passes into a state of enlightenment'.

Whether you are attempting to connect to your higher power or you’re curious about its many health benefits, you’ll find it’s not as mysterious as you may have thought nor is it difficult.


In my experience I have to say the only thing one may find difficult or challenging is having the discipline to practice every day. Just like anything else that takes effort, it must be habituated; practice every day until you do not have to remind yourself to do it.


The key to a meditation practice is to become silent with an open mind. Dedicate yourself to 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, when everything is quiet and you will not be disturbed. If you can only manage to meditate for 10 minutes, that is okay. Choose an area that is quiet and clean with a serene atmosphere. Ideally, sunrise and sunset are the best times for your practice.



Empty your mind of all thoughts, and let your heart be at peace

You may prefer a silent meditation using your own words or visualizations or a guided meditation.  Here are some of our favorites.

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Find a comfortable chair. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, visualize a peaceful scene; perhaps a wonderful moment in your life or a positive phrase, such as "I am love,” or "I am one with the universe.” Exhale deeply, keeping your thoughts centered and focused. Breathe in long through your nose and exhale long through your nose or mouth. Focus your closed eyes at the area between your eyebrows. If your mind begins to wander, gently bring it back to your word/visualization. Do not worry if your mind wanders, ‘cause believe me, it’s gonna happen!


Keep a clock close by or a timer so you can keep track of the time. With daily practice you will feel calmer and more serene. Learning to meditate takes willingness, willingness to practice everyday. Once you begin your practice you will feel lighter, happier, and more serene amidst the chaos of everyday life. 


If you’re still wondering if meditation works, read my article, ”Why Meditation May Not Work for You.”



Meditation is the only true vacation you’ll ever get!!


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