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Flavored Drinks Sabotage Your Health

Are Your Flavored Drinks Sabotaging Your Health?


Consider this: every time you choose soda, coffee, sports drinks, and cheap sugary juices you interfere with your kidney’s job of getting rid of waste, you pollute your liver and destroy your body’s ability to normalize its pH.


pH and your Health


Why is your Ph IMPORTANT? When it comes to illness or wellness, pH is EVERYTHING. It’s the difference between being pain free, or having arthritis, migraines, urinary issues, and thousands more chronic health problems.


When you choose “fake drinks,” which also includes fruit juices whether they’re 100% or not, (unless they’re made at home from fresh fruit) you’re feeding disease. What is the simple yet most vital nutrient needed in the human body? What nutrient does your body rely on for EVERY single bodily function? Water.

Assortment of flavored drinks.

Commercialized Poison


Commercial advertising and celebrity endorsements have brainwashed the common mind to believe sports drinks are better than water. Have you looked closely at the label of your favorite “flavored water,” or beverage lately? Absolute poison. It’s criminal that the artificial food industry is allowed to poison the naïve and gullible, just to make a profit.


The last two decades have brought an onslaught of commercial foods and beverages to the American diet and those who have adopted the Standard American Diet (SAD). Of the 600,000 grocery items available in stores today, over 80% of them are toxic. Processed foods and beverages do not produce a healthy body, which is evident in the world’s obesity and sickness epidemic.

Fresh Water and lemon, the natural drink of choice.

We are natural beings, and were never designed to eat and drink chemically-derived substances. And without adequate fresh water, you are destined to fall into a state of “dis-ease.”


“Real food designed for real people.”




Are You Mistaking Thirst for Hunger?  Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, putting you at risk for many chronic health problems. Learn how to get more water into your diet and free your body of pain and illness.


Your pH: Alkalize and Live. What you eat can make the difference between good health and illness.

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