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Eating To Live

Are you eating to live? Are your foods feeding health or disease? Eating foods that are cheap, convenient and processed, cause malnutrition and toxicity. In most cases, “dis-eases” are nothing more than eating the wrong foods. Processed foods dominate grocery stores today and junk food has become the norm. These nutrient poor food products are driving the current “sick” care crisis and few seem to be the wiser.

Generations of people have no idea what healthy foods are. When my parents and grandparents were growing up, real food was the rule, not the exception.


In today’s supermarket, there are very few real foods to be found. Everywhere you look is a sea of boxes, cans and brightly packaged containers. We’ve been brainwashed by food commercials that promise good taste and claim to be “natural” and healthy. 


We’ve been duped by the media. Brainwashed with slick advertising hype that claims junk food is “natural” and healthy. 

Nature has given us all we need to be healthy. 


We have forgotten a most simple truth: Nature designed our food to nourish us, not cause malnutrition and disease.

These processed, “junk foods” are anything but healthy. The poisons in these artificial “foods” are wreaking havoc on our society and have created an epidemic of malnutrition and toxicity. Our bodies respond to these artificial foods by producing pain and illness. We have become idle and trusting of the commercial food industry, risking our lives for convenience and flavor. Maybe we just don’t know any better. We might even believe sickness happens to everyone as they age, or it’s just genetics. Dis-ease seems normal to many, but that’s only because A LOT of people are sick and unhealthy.

We have forgotten a most simple truth: Nature designed our food to nourish us, not cause malnutrition and disease. We are eating and drinking “food stuffs” we were not designed to eat!


Ok, you’ve come this far with me you must be serious. I won’t say it’s easy to change a lifetime of unhealthy eating, but if you want to live a happy and healthy life you’ve got to get really serious about your food. It may seem overwhelming to a wholesome food novice, and you’re probably wondering, where do I even begin? You begin with one step, and your journey to health and healthy eating begins here. We’ve laid out some basic information for you with tips, recipes and sound nutritional advice.

Woman cutting fresh whole food on a cutting board.

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.

- Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

Fruits and Vegetables

There is no food on the planet better designed to nourish your body than fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Eat an abundance of these and always choose organic whenever possible. Toxic, non-organic foods cause illness (malnutrition) which costs a lot of money, not to mention misery. It’s much more economical to eat a healthy diet. There’s lots of science to back this up but for now let’s look at some reasons why it’s healthier to eat food that has been grown without poisonous chemicals.


Plants grown in healthy mineral rich soil are significantly higher in nutrients. Non-organic soil is virtually depleted of minerals and the US government has known this since the1930’s. 

Display of healthy whole food, fruits and vegetables.

Without adequate vitamins and minerals the body literally starves to death. Malnutrition causes disease. Disease is not only unnecessary, but in most cases, avoidable. Illnesses are NOT diseases, but symptoms of improper nutrition and toxicity.

Modern Miracle Men article linked to full article.

Conventional farming produces soil that contains synthetic chemicals and often, toxic sewage sludge which is used in the fertilizing process. The plant is then sprayed with toxic herbicides and pesticides; and worse, genetically altered to carry the gene glyphosphate found in the herbicide, Round Up.


And as horrifying as it sounds, without consent nor approval, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) have been secretly added to most foods found in American grocery stores today. These GMO’s are genes that are taken from another species of animal, plant, bacteria, or chemicals as in the herbicide, Round Up, and put into plant genes such as corn. GMO’s are unregulated and have not been tested to be safe for human consumption. Americans are blindly leading the world’s largest feeding experiment in history. 

You have a right to know what you are eating. If your food doesn’t say USDA certified organic, or Non-Gmo Project Verified,  you probably shouldn’t eat it. Please consult the Environmental Working Group’s website for their list of fruits and vegetables called the Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen.” You’ll get a better understanding of how poisonous your food is, especially to children. 


Fruit and vegetable eaters are healthier than their meat and potato/processed food counterparts. As I often say, the proof is in the pudding. Read other stories on our site to see how conventional toxic chemical farming is harming farmers, the environment and our food supply.   

Rolls of assorted legumes and seeds


These foods are so important to good health you should strive to eat them at least 3-5 times per week. There are so many different ways to cook and eat them you’ll be amazed. We share our family favorites and you’ll see just how delicious they can be! And they’re an excellent source of complete protein when combined with brown rice or quinoa (keen-wha). Quinoa, considered a superfood, is complete protein on its own. Check out our delicious Quinoa Salad and Quinoa Sliders.


There are many kinds of legumes to choose from, we’ll touch on just a few popular ones that should be included in your weekly meal plan.

Black Beans 

Garbanzo Beans (Hummus)

Navy Beans

At Eden's recipe page we have healthy and nutritious ways to cook and prepare your legumes

Mixture of nuts and seeds.

Nuts & Seeds  

Not just for the birds and squirrels, but an incredibly nutritious addition to your health promoting diet. Almonds, rich in nutrients should be included in your daily regimen. Whether you’re eating a handful of them or adding them to a juice drink, sorbet or smoothie, be sure to include this powerhouse of nutrition. Ground Flax seeds contain healthy fatty acids and should also be included in your heart healthy diet every day.


Almonds are easier to digest and better for your body when you soak them in water.  Soak your almonds


overnight, in pure, fresh water. Pour off the water, rinse and lay on a towel to absorb most of the water. Store in airtight containers in the refrigerator.

Stacks of whole wheat pasta.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are foods such as wheat, oats, rye, rice and quinoa (keen-wah, not technically a grain, but eaten as such and very nutritious). Organic whole grains are not processed with harmful chemicals and stripped of nutrients, but contain all the essential parts and naturally occurring nutrients. There are exceptions to note such as brown rice being difficult to digest, therefore, making the nutrients less available. 


White flour, white pasta, and *white rice, should be avoided. The health and life-giving properties have been removed, harmful chemicals added, and most likely, it has been genetically engineered/modified. *There are exceptions to the “white rule” however, such as organic White Basmati and organic Thai Rice.

If the label reads certified USDA organic, it’s safe. If it says “natural,” put it back. Natural means nothing, and usually implies it is anything but healthy.


Meat & Dairy

We will touch lightly on these subjects as the opinions of them vary so greatly and I of course, have my own. I am not here to persuade you to be a vegetarian, vegan or omnivore. I only want to give you the best resources in order for you to make your own educated decisions.

Some of us are lactose intolerant so we try to avoid dairy. Others don’t do well with animal protein. When you get the junk out of your diet, you will be more in tune with your body. You will choose foods that make your body feel content, not just fill a void or attempt to satisfy your taste buds.



The healthiest animals and meat are pasture-raised and fed organic feed.


Animals raised by conventional, non-organic methods are often given growth hormones, antibiotics, genetically

Assortment of hanging meats.

engineered grain (containing weed killer, possible animal and plant proteins) and more. These poor animals are forced to live in unnatural and appalling conditions.


What is hexane? 

Hexane is a byproduct of gasoline refining. Soybean processors use it as a solvent—a cheap and efficient way of extracting oil from soybeans, a necessary step to making most conventional soy oil and protein ingredients. Whole soybeans are literally bathed in hexane to separate the soybean’s oil from protein. Hexane is a neurotoxin, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and a “hazardous air pollutant,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Hexane is found in almost all of the non-organic soy containing food products such as protein powders and shakes, veggie burgers, nutrition bars etc and consuming these food products may cause symptoms of hexane toxicity in the long run. 



The Cornucopia Institute

Young boy drinking a glass of milk


Non-organic dairy products are often unsafe to eat. Whichever dairy product you might choose, be certain it is organic or at the very least uses milk from non-GMO or growth hormone free sources, especially if you have children.


I have noticed recently that scientists, doctors and health leaders are recommending a diet that does not include cooking oils, or at the least a minimal amount of healthy ones. I have to agree. When I walk down the grocery store aisle and  see bottle after bottle of “vegetable oil.” The majority of these are very unhealthy and refined with the toxic chemical Hexane. It has been categorized as a hazardous air pollutant (HAP) by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and is included on the agency's list of toxic chemicals. Hexane is also a petroleum product, yep, made from gasoline. Hmmm, I wouldn’t want to eat it, now that you know, you won’t have to either.


Rather than list the ones to avoid, I think it’s just easier to tell you which ones are safe to eat and how to use them in your cooking.


Before we begin there’s something else you need to know; how you cook your food is equally important as the food you eat. Most vegetable oils when heated to a high temperature are not only inedible but harmful to the body.


Organic extra virgin olive oil also called EVOO is best used in dressings or in recipes that are not cooked. However, EVOO can be used safely in low-medium heat cooking such as sautéing. Organic high-oleic safflower oil, organic palm fruit shortening and organic coconut oil are safe to use in low to high heat cooking.


Although water is not considered a whole food, it is our most vital nutrient and often overlooked. It is essential to every single bodily function; from the beating of your heart to the cleansing of your body. Scientists have discovered that drinking 8-10 eight ounce glasses of water daily can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 79%. This may be due to water’s ability to flush toxins from the body. 


Is your water (Water: The Poisonous Truth) safe to drink? Tap water and unsafe well water should always be filtered. Water used in cooking, for bathing and showering should be filtered also. Carbon filters do not filter out fluoride which has been linked to brain cancer, osteoporosis, and a host of other dis-

eases. In addition, water left unfiltered will destroy the intestinal flora within the body suppressing the immune system. Be informed, know what is in your water. Visit the Environmental Working Group’s website for an in depth study on tap water and how you can find the filtering system specific to your water treatment facility.

Change your Diet Gradually

Changing your diet and lifestyle should always be a gradual process. Having a well thought out plan will increase your chances of success.


Do not expect to radically change your eating habits overnight, especially if you are feeding a family that is used to hamburgers and fries/mashed potatoes, etc. You may have a mutiny on your hands if you change your menu too quickly! Gradually work in 1-2 meals each week, trying new recipes and foods. This way you will be more successful at introducing healthy foods to your family and getting everyone accustomed to new tastes.


Healthy Guidelines

Throw the junk food out!! Avoid all processed foods. This is pretty much anything in a box, can or package. Processed foods are those that barely resemble their natural state. And you can pretty much assume they contain high amounts of fat, salt, sugar and additives. There are currently

Cute little girl drinking out of a water hose.

over 15,000 different food additives being used in the food industry. Food additives are disguised as artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and natural (there’s that word again) flavors.

Eliminate or greatly reduce your intake of sugar. If you must eat it do so sparingly and always choose organic. I can’t begin to tell you how damaging sugar is to your body. It is highly addictive, processed using harmful chemicals such as sulphur dioxide- to bleach it white - and most likely genetically engineered. Sugar has been linked to the root cause of many major illnesses.


For more eye opening information check out these informative and provocative YouTube videos: 

Sugar: The Bitter Truth by Robert Lustig, M.D. 

The Secrets of Sugar by The Fifth Estate

and the DVD Fed Up, the full length documentary available at Amazon.

Read our articles to understand how eating organic whole foods are the only way you can nourish your body to receive the vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent disease.

Eat organic foods as your circumstances allow.


Look for the USDA organic seal. No seal? Look for the Non-Gmo Project Verified Seal.

What’s Your pH?

Simply put, your pH tells you if you’re healthy. Nutritious diets that consist mainly of fresh vegetables, greens in particular, support an alkaline pH. The human body is in a constant state of homeostasis.


Which is why the typical American diet of meat, table salt, sugar, dairy and very few fresh fruits and vegetables promote disease and conditions such as osteoporosis. Striving to equalize the pH, calcium is pulled from the bones, overtime this makes them weak and brittle. View our article, What’s Your pH? for resources and further information.

Develop a Plan

  • Learn what foods you need to eat. And why some common foods are sabotaging your health.

  • Learn how to cook healthy foods. One of my favorite cookbooks is Whole Life Nutrition cookbook.  It has hundreds of recipes that anyone can cook. Nourishing Traditions is another cookbook we highly recommend. It’s for those of you who like to eat a more traditional diet (not vegan, paleo, etc.).

  • Try Eden’s delicious recipes and other cookbooks in Eden’s Store.


Make good health your goal and your passion.

Visit the Environmental Working Group’s website to learn which fruits and vegetables are the most toxic, Dirty Dozen" (especially to children) and which have fewer pesticide residues, Clean Fifteen.” 

Peruse the resources we have offered you on this site. 

Eden's Wellness Journey


We offer these tools only as suggestions. We are not here to advocate any specific diet or religious or spiritual philosophy. In our experience we have found that when the student is ready, the teacher will come.

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