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Drugs and Your Pet

Dogs and cats have special needs. Nutritious food, playtime and lots of love. People are no different. The closer I get to my dog, the more I realize just how alike we are.  A poor diet will always lead to health problems. Neglect or cruel treatment and we suffer emotional problems as well.

Drugs for your pet, all types of animals.

When our little doxie Scampy joined our family, he was malnourished and smelled awful. Within weeks he became paralyzed. It was a frightening time for all of us. I knew I had to find out exactly what he needed in order to help him. A friend had recently told me of a story about dogs given “species appropriate” diets, and how 

they were living years beyond their typical lifespan. I discovered that kind of food was not at the grocery store. The more I researched commercial dog food, the more shocked I became. 


The vet’s prognosis was bleak. She didn’t ask what he was eating, which I found odd, since nutrition is the foundation of health in people and animals. Their solution to his problem?


Unpredictable surgery and drugs. Either way, he may or may not get better. Drugs and your pet, sound like a juxtaposition? The scenario had a familiar ring. Observe the symptoms and address them with pharmaceutical drugs. It appears most vets are trained by pharmaceutical reps too.

Pet Drugs, Scampy from Scampy's World prescribe bad drugs we were unaware off.

A hundred dollars later, with drugs in hand, we went home. The first day he was so depressed, he had to be crated to avoid injury from dragging his back legs around. The drugs were making him sick and I sensed it was not the way to go. I knew Prednisone was dangerous. How could a small animal survive such a toxic chemical

potion? And the Rimadyl for anxiety made him loopy initially, and then just down right surly. After discovering the nasty and often dangerous side effects of these toxic drugs, it just didn’t feel right to poison him any longer.


Natural medicine, I believe, is always the way to go. It just makes sense. There are certain cases where surgery is warranted, I admit. Though this was not one of them. The next day we went to an animal massage therapist/healer and also a chiropractor I knew who had some success with paralyzed dogs. The massage therapist agreed he should be taken off the medications. That day I started him on glucosamine/chondroitin, probiotics/enzymes and a natural anti-inflammatory. In less than two weeks he was up and running! Because doxies tend to have back issues, he will be on this regimen for the rest of his life.  Read “Paralyzed!”, on Scampy’s World, where Scampy narrates his terrifying ordeal.


People food and pet food, have changed a lot. And the change has created a host of problems. Diabetes, cancer and heart disease is killing us, and our pets. We’re unwitting victims, at the mercy of a (scarcely regulated) industry that allows unethical companies to sell us toxic food and poisonous drugs. How can we expect to be healthy if we’re taught to believe that it’s okay to eat junk food and take drugs that only lead to disease and death? Real medicine has been taken over and it comes with a high price to human and animal life.

Dog Food Preservatives

Ethoxyquin = Not only a preservative but also a  pesticide and hardening agent for making synthetic rubber. Ethoxyquin is found in many popular brands of dog food.


Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)


The World Health Organization (WHO) has named both BHT and BHA as suspicious cancer-causing compounds.


Common Chemical Additives

Propylene glycol





Propyl gallate



Dog Food Advisor

The Pet Beastro

When our nutritional needs aren’t met, we get sick. Animals are no different. “Dis-eases” commonly found in people today are affecting our pet family as well.  Ever wonder why? There’s a direct link between health and illness that is being overlooked. The connection is food. Virtually all commercial people and pet food is deficient in nutrients  loaded with many of the same chemical preservatives and additives, genetically modified ingredients and worse, from animals that, well, you’ll have to see for yourself. It’s horrific.

YouTube Video trailer Pet Fooled.

A while back I was shocked and saddened to see a sign that read, “Get your pet’s prescriptions filled here!” “Oh, my God, I thought, they’ve gotten to the animals too.”


Curiosity had me wondering just how widespread the pet drug problem had become. While surfing the internet, I found an online article titled, Alprazolam- “Why has my vet prescribed this medicine (Xanax)? Vets prescribe it for anxious or aggressive dogs. What does a dog have to worry about? Mean dogs need love and training, not drugs. If a dog or cat could talk, I’m sure they’d tell you the food they’re eating is making them sick, etc. All behavior is an attempt to have a need met. Giving dangerous drugs to pets is sheer madness. How could we ever believe it’s okay to drug our animals?  I believe there may be an emergency situation where a drug could be necessary. However, it should be used as a last resort and never as part of a lifestyle.


After 40 years of studying preventive health, I know more than ever, humanity is at a crossroads. We can continue down the road of processed foods and drugs or we can change the road we’re on. Nature knows what you and your pet needs.


Your role as pet guardian is an honor and a blessing. It is your right and responsibility to care for your beloved pet friend the best your intellect and circumstances allow.




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