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Top DYI Cleaning Products
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Eco-Friendly DIY Cleaning & Personal Care Products

Did you know that popular household products contain harmful chemicals that put you, your family, and our planet at risk? Many chemicals present in consumer products are dangerous. So dangerous in fact, they’re on the U.S. government’s hazardous materials list. And since they’re readily available, “we think they’re safe.”


Decades of clever commercial advertising has convinced us we need harsh chemicals to clean and protect our homes. Commercial products do not clean better than natural products you can make yourself. In fact, commercial products leave toxic residue on floors, counters and windows. And most of the 80,000 chemicals used in our consumer products have never been tested for safety.


Fortunately, you can Do-It-Yourself. From all-purpose cleaner to insect repellent, bubble bath for kids, fabric softener and more, we’ve got a DIY cleaning/personal care recipe that is effective, smells great and won’t poison you or your family.


Typical cleaning items are most likely in your kitchen right now. They’re inexpensive, readily available, and best of all, won’t poison to clean and protect!


For those of you who don’t have time to make your own but want safe and effective family-friendly cleaning and personal care products, we’ve carefully chosen ones rated A+ by scientists at the Environmental Working Group.   


We hope you will support companies that value human and environmental health by purchasing eco-friendly products. Every purchase you make on Eden’s Corner at Amazon helps to support the valuable work we do for you. Thank you.

Best Reasons to Do-It-Yourself 


Save money and your health when you make your own cleaning products. It’s easy and costs only pennies. Compare these to over-priced, toxic cleaners and hey, if there’s a warning label on your cleaner you and your family shouldn’t be breathing nor touching it anyway. Did you know of the 80, 000 chemicals used in the U.S., virtually none are tested? Chemical manufacturers provide little or no information to the EPA regarding their potential health or environmental impacts. Not sure which dangerous toxic chemicals are in your household products? Neither is your government.


How toxic are your favorite cleaning products? See how they rate at Environmental Working Guide to Healthy Cleaning Database.

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