Lab technician and chemical beakers. Dangers of Saran Wrap.

Dangers of Saran Wrap

The Habitual Use of Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is easy to use, functional and a must have for a lot of folks.


The downside?


It’s worse than you can imagine. I know, some of you are arguing for its necessity. And if you are, you’re a hard case and most likely stopped reading. Why? You can’t trade your bad habit for one that will affect the earth today and its future.


Sound melodramatic? Can one person’s habitual use of plastic wrap have a profound effect on our world? Absolutely.

Beach covered in plastic.

Let’s look at the nature of plastic wrap:


Plastic is a petroleum product. Sounds harmless until you consider that petroleum is oil. And we all know what happens when oil is spilled in our oceans and upon the earth. CONTAMINATION.


Does plastic affect human and environmental health?

8 Million Ton of Plastic

Environmental plastic pollution is problematic on many levels. And while you may think your occasional use of plastic wrap to be minimal and rather benign, consider the fact that it is not recyclable nor reusable. Additionally, plastics leech toxic chemicals into groundwater and soil as they biodegrade.


Plastic garbage is polluting and destroying our oceans and marine life including birds at an alarming rate. More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year.


Few are aware that US plastic garbage is exported to many poor countries where it has devastating effects on human and environmental health.

Tons of Plastic Garbage

Beyond Plastic Bags


I’ve been washing out plastic bags for years. In the early days we had brown paper bags and wax paper. That was it. Lunches were carried in metal boxes and waste was minimal.


Earth Loving Habits

When the shift to plastic bags came I transferred my frugal, earth-loving habits to reusing every single bag or baggie that came into my home. When I had too many to hand wash I would put them in my washing machine (never in the dryer!). I continued reusing them until they were worn out. Before cloth produce bags came a long, I collected minimal plastic ones and found them to be quite useful for covering leftovers.


Today I store most leftovers in wide mouth quart jars. Jars store easily in the fridge and the contents are easy to identify. And they’re awesome for soaking beans, almonds, etc.


Perfect Alternative to Plastic Wrap and Plastic Containers

Ditch the plastic whenever possible. Choose BPA-free alternatives.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.
  • Store leftover food in reusable glass containers.  No concern of cancer-causing chemicals that often leach into food, especially when heated in a microwave.


  • Cover bowls with reusable food wrap.  Cost-effective and made from sturdy construction. Use them over and over again.


  • Children’s Lunch Box Solution. Pack more variety in this durable, portion-controlled, leak-proof lunch box. No need for plastic baggies or wrap.




Every single piece of plastic that has ever been created since the 19th century is still somewhere on our planet. So, if it never goes away, where does it go?

-Plastic Paradise

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