Vaccinating Your Pet. Dog, Cat and Bird, Dangers of Over Vaccinating Your Pet

Dangers of Over Vaccinating Your Pet

Your vet may not know or follow the American Animal Hospital Association Canine Vaccination Guidelines. Why not?


The same reason pet parents and their human babies are often over vaccinated with harmful chemicals, etc. Their doctors just don’t know any better.

Kitten being vaccinated by vet.

They’re being told what to do by their pharmaceutical sales reps. And it’s in the best interest of the pharmaceutical industry and (your vet) to sell as many drugs and vaccines as possible. The doctor doesn’t ask why. And those that do question the safety of vaccines when they observe pets who have been maimed or killed by the vaccines are penalized; for instance, the rabies vaccine dose is weight dependent. A small dog receives the same amount of rabies vaccine as a large dog. This puts a small animal at risk and is potentially life-threatening.


Unfortunately, for pet owners and their beloved fur family, vets don’t always follow standard vaccine schedules and are unaware of the AAHA Canine Vaccination Guidelines:


We experienced a potentially fatal mishap when our little Scampy was called in to see his doc, one spring day. I had heard that many pets were experiencing the same over vaccination and crippling side effects from vaccines as people.


Just that week I had perused the

AAHA 2011 vaccine guidelines

and found them to be much different than the schedule advocated by our vet. When I questioned the tech, she seemed bewildered. She was oblivious to the recommended AAHA schedule, yet firmly defending the pharmaceutical company that insisted dogs be given “their schedule” of shots.

Protect Your Pet from Becoming Toxic with Vaccines


Understanding vaccines and how they can potentially harm your pet is your first line of defense to ensure your pet does not suffer the effects of damaging vaccines.


In the video, The Truth About Pet Vaccines,  Dr. Karen Becker explains that annual vaccines may be problematic, especially for small and older dogs. In addition, thimerosal, mercury and aluminum-based adjuvants in pet vaccines are antigens that can abnormally stimulate their immune system and last a life time, eventually building up to the point that they cause chronic disease in your pet.


Well known veterinarian, Dr. Ronald Schultz says there is little to no scientific research showing the need to revaccinate a dog or cat in their lifetime. One well-timed shot can be enough to protect them for their life.


In this revealing video you’ll find the decision to vaccinate annually was not scientifically studied but arbitrarily decided based upon a guess, putting many animals at risk for the often-deadly effects of overvaccination. 

Titer Testing: No Need to Put Your Pet at Risk of Vaccinosis


To prevent vaccinosis, have your pet titer tested. Titer shots measure the protective immunity of specific diseases in your previously vaccinated pet.


Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian interviews Dr. Ronald Schultz and together they discuss important information about rabies, pet vaccines and vaccine protocol.



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