Nurture, beautiful lake, girls forearm with a tattoo of compassion tattooed. Find Compassion in the Love of Yourself

Find Compassion in the Love of Yourself

Compassion and Yourself

Compassion is at the heart of loving others. To be compassionate, truly compassionate, we must first have compassion for ourselves.


“We can only give what we have.”


Like many others in this world, I did not have compassion for myself for many years. My actions reflected this; I was a workaholic, anorexic and had no confidence in my abilities. But amazingly, I had compassion for others.

Two woman, one with her arm around the other.

It is human nature to want to care and show concern for others. And because I was emotionally wounded and wanted desperately to belong, it was easy for me to perceive the suffering of others.


My kindness was not motivated by praise or recognition, but the immense joy that filled my heart. 

Each moment in every day our hearts can be open to giving to others.

Giving liberates your soul and fills you up with a love that benefits you and the lives you touch.


Compassion is an extension of the love you have for yourself.


That love will be a part of every aspect of your life. From your friends, to your family, to the world. You have many opportunities to give of your heart, your prayers, your time and your resources.


Each day, look for opportunities to help others. Sometimes we need a smile, a lending hand or a kind word. Each moment in every day our hearts can be open to giving to others. Find a cause you believe in and give the best your circumstances allow. Remember that giving to others is to give to yourself. All good deeds whether in thought or action will come back to you.



When love orchestrates the world, peace is its music.


Inspiration is the heart of all creation. It is the motivation and encouragement we need to have a dream...

Tools and perspectives to guide, inspire and encourage you as you journey toward a purpose filled life.

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