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Clean Your Dog's Ears Naturally

This DIY dog ear cleaner is easy, safe and very effective. No need to poison your dog to protect them as you would with conventional ear medicines or cleaners.


WITCH HAZEL is the wonder herb here and you’ll find it a useful addition to your natural medicine cabinet.




Place several drops of witch hazel in your dog’s ear and gently massage at the base of the ear to help loosen any debris that may be present. On cool days I warm the entire bottle in a pan of hot water. My “Scampy” does not like to be cold and no dog likes cold things in their ears. “Spa treatments” such as this should be as pleasant as possible.

Dog's Ears with Humphrey in background, Organic Witch Hazel.

Gently wipe off any debris you can see on the outer ear. Dip a clean cotton ball into the witch hazel and rub the entire inside flap of your dog’s ear starting from the base upwards to the tip. Be sure your dog’s ear flap dries completely. Fortunately, witch hazel dries very quickly.


Chronic stinky ears should be addressed by a qualified holistic veterinarian. Similar to humans, animals are often given antibiotics to kill infections without addressing underlying causes such as diet and lifestyle. Furthermore, antibiotics weaken the already failing immune system and do not “cure” the problem, while often creating more health issues for your loved one.


A holistic approach that uses a nutritious diet, exercise, natural supplements, and regular hygiene practices will help to keep your dog happy and healthy!


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