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Change Your Thoughts…

Fears, Plights, Doubts


Contrary to most people’s belief system and society in general, we are sacred beings and it is our natural state to be in blissful ecstasy. It is unlikely that one would be in a state of bliss all of the time, but think of your life and your moments. Are they filled with peace and bliss?

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Programming is Like a Suitcase


If your life is not filled with excitement and joy you might look at your programming. Perhaps you’re wondering what I am referring to. Well, programming is like a suitcase; when we are young and growing up, we take everything that touched our hearts and souls and put them in a bag (our subconscious mind). Visualize every single cell in your body, all 100 trillion of them knowing and feeling your emotions and having a memory of it! Hopefully, as we grow older we become wiser, we see a new world. A world that has always been available.  The fears, the plights, the doubts and frantic worries are your past sneaking up to haunt you and propel you to higher learning. We are all on the path of enlightenment, a journey that is unique and true for us.


Trauma- experiences that produce sadness and other negative emotions- manifests into physical symptoms. Hence, your thoughts are making your body!

So You’ve Got This Emotion


What is so miraculous is that neuroscientists have developed instruments that can monitor this action in the human body! For an in-depth reading of this new science please read Candace Pert’s, Molecules of Emotion. It is a fascinating book.


So you’ve got this emotion, or say feeling in your body from things that you went through as a child. Perhaps you have so long ago forgotten the event (the exact visual memory of it) but you find yourself angry, impatient or any other quality that does not make you feel peaceful.


Your body remembers every single experience of your life (even before you were born!) and this powerful influence is what keeps us in a state of confusion and chaos. These memories give us feelings of hopelessness and great sadness.


Your body’s signs and symptoms are feedback letting you know you have an imbalanced perception/thought.



  • Headaches

  • Aching joints

  • Chronic pain in the lower back

  • Indigestion or stomach pain

  • Skin eruptions

  • Muscle tension


And more…

Memories from childhood and all the times you were sad, hurt, disappointed and confused, scars our soul and becomes lodged within the cells of our body. We have a choice. We can ignore the pain and suffer, or “do the work” to heal and create the life we were born to live.


“Life was never meant to be a struggle.”

~ Stuart Wilde

Explore these tools to begin your amazing journey to health and healing.




You “non” readers will want to check out Amazon read-to-you books on Kindle/Amazon Fire. Perfect for night time relaxation or while going about your daily tasks. Wireless headphones are awesome too!


You Can Heal Your Life

by Louise Hay


Manifest Your Destiny

by Dr. Wayne Dyer


Emotion Code

by Dr. Nelson Bradley


Molecules of Emotion

by Dr. Candace Pert


Your Erroneous Zones: Step-by-Step Advice for Escaping the Trap of Negative Thinking and Taking Control of Your Life

by Dr. Wayne Dyer




NLP – Neurolinguistics

Rewire your brain to create amazing changes in your life!


Your Youniverse YouTube Channel 


Rising Higher Vibration


Faster EFT with Robert Gene Smith


Eden’s Corner Articles


What’s on Your Mind? 


Healing Your Life 

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Peace is all around us;

in nature and within our bodies and our spirits. Once we learn to touch this peace we will be healed and transformed.

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