Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast (or lunch) of Champions!

Process in a blender.

This breakfast smoothie is a great way to start your day. Use seasonal fresh fruit for best flavor. Our family loves this drink with fresh pineapple and a cup or so of our Zesty juice. Add superfoods for additional nutrition. See our favorites below. Smoothies are typically made in a blender or food processor.


Always choose the freshest and ripest produce available for optimum nutrition and best flavor.

2 c. total of your favorite berries:





1 kiwi­, peeled if NOT organic

½ c. pineapple

1 banana, optional



Important note:

Wash your produce before cutting. Cutting dirty produce can contaminate your fruit or vegetable with harmful organisms. Place in the sink and give it a good bath with gentle earth friendly soap.


Wash and prepare your produce. Process in blender. Your drink will be thick. We add our Zesty drink to thin it out. Or you can add some organic coconut water or organic almond milk if desired.

For produce shopping, and preparation tips read here


Superfoods for Super Health!

We add these superfoods to our smoothie each day. Drink for breakfast, lunch or anytime you need nutritional support.

Garden of Life Perfect Food 1 scoop per serving.


Perfect Food superfood supplement contains antioxidant/alkalizing RAW organic grass juices and RAW fruit and vegetables juices. Provides electrolyte support, cleansing herbs, and digestive support.


1-2 T. chia seeds per serving

No other super food provides more Omega 3 (ALA) than chia seeds. One tablespoon can provide a whopping 2600 mg. of this essential fatty acid!

2 T. flaxseed, ground

Flaxseed is best when freshly ground. Refrigerate ground flaxseed as it will spoil and become rancid if not kept in the refrigerator. Purchase organic flaxseed in bulk from quality retailers or your local co-op.


To save time, ground a cup or more of flaxseed (a small spice grinder works well) and place in an airtight jar. Store in fridge.


For optimum health benefits, drink immediately. May be stored in fridge for several hours. Add fresh seasonal fruits when available. Substitute frozen organic fruit in winter if necessary.

Shop your local co-op,

farmer’s market, and grow your own!

Health Benefits:


Aid in Colon Health

Aid in Digestive Health

Aid in Post-Menopausal Symptoms

Aids in Blood Sugar

Aids Respiratory Symptoms




Arthritis Inflammation

Cardiovascular Benefits

Cognitive Benefits

Digestive Benefits

Eye Health

High Omega-3s

Immune System Support

Phytonutrients Protect DNA

 Reduces Macular Degeneration

**Important Note**

Choose organically grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Non-organic produce is deficient in minerals (needed to prevent disease) and replete with dozens of chemicals that create a toxic overload in your body. Children especially need to avoid chemically-grown foods.


If organic produce is not available to you, at least adhere to the clean fifteen and avoid the dirty dozen.

Shop your local co-op, and grow your own!


Diabetics should restrict their fruit sugar (fructose) to 25 gms. per day, according to Joseph Mercola, M.D.


Please consult your holistic healthcare practitioner if you have blood sugar issues before drinking this healthy juice recipe.


Juicing is a great way to reach your daily requirement of 6-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

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