Woman on beach stretching and warming up. Bodywork as Healing Therapy

Bodywork as Healing Therapy

Vital to Good Health

Bodywork is absolutely vital to good health. Every morning before rising from bed, as I’m going through my gratitude list, I am stretching. I listen and feel closely for any part of my body that is trying to get my attention. Any sore muscles are massaged, and tended to. Aches and pains are considered and I will generally adjust my yoga session to accommodate those concerns.


Ayurvedic Massage

I have learned a wonderful type of self-massage called, “Ayurvedic Massage.” Like yoga and meditation, massage is part of India’s ancient healing system. I have taught classes in this massage and my students have always responded favorably, telling me it is so simple yet very effective. Please see the following article, “Ayurvedic Massage.”

Woman stretching in the morning. Bodywork as Healing Therapy

Massaging Your Body

As you are massaging your body and enhancing your awareness of it, you have the wonderful opportunity to bless and praise it. This sends a message to your cells, which will create a healthier physiology and a stronger and happier body. Getting a massage, especially if it’s given with a caring touch can help to fulfill the universal need for touch. If you do not like to be touched, look at that issue because you probably need to do some work there. 

I also practice reflexology everyday and find a fusion of these two healing systems to work very well for me. There are many variations of bodywork/healing therapies, find the one that is best for you! Visit Eden's health & Wellness store for more bodywork ideas. 

Reflexology on the hands. Bodywork as Healing Therapy.

When Love Orchestrates the World,

Peace is its Music


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