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Ecco Bella Cosmetics

Why It’s a Good Time to Reconsider Your Cosmetics & Personal Care Products

Beauty is big business. And why not? Everyone longs to keep their youthful appearance, and looking beautiful feels good.

Sadly, your mission for ultimate beauty may be causing more harm than good. The average woman in the U.S. uses 12 personal care products each day, containing nearly 168 different chemicals. 

13,000 toxic chemicals are in every day beauty products.

Untested, unregulated and wreaking havoc with your skin and body.

Chemicals that drive the growth of breast tumors, birth defects, liver cancer, and detrimental effects to the brain and nervous system, among many other health problems.

Beautiful Woman. Behold Beautiful

Live in Harmony with Nature

“With Nature’s Way You Always Win!”

Our benevolent creator has blessed humanity with everything we need. Our food, our medicine, even our beauty products.  

We are honored to share an amazing company with you. We know you’ll love Ecco Bella cosmetics, and you’ll discover that for the quality and integrity, few companies on the market have such high standards.

Founder of Ecco Bella - Sally Malanga

Inspired by her love of humanity, and respect and wonder of nature, she created Ecco Bella cosmetics company to honor and celebrate the beauty of her customers.

Ecco Bella means ‘Behold, Beautiful!’


Why Choose Ecco Bella?

In her research, Sally discovered cosmetic companies were not much more than chemical company fronts who used potentially harmful or useless ingredients. Brands that used animals for testing and were not respectful of nature or their customers.


Ecco Bella commits to providing high quality, clean, certified organic products; using only food grade quality ingredients and disclosing them on their labels. All products are gluten-free.

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No animals are ever used for testing. Slaughterhouse by-products such as collagen, tallow, egg products, keratin, non-vegetable glycerin, or dairy products, commonly used in commercial body care products, are never a part of Ecco Bella products.


Ecco Bella is a socially and environmentally responsible company; speaking out against GMO’s, reducing energy use and packaging waste, planting trees and advocating peace and compassion.

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How Toxic Are Your Cosmetics?


Are cosmetics putting you at risk of weight gain, cancer, allergies, and other health problems?  Does your shampoo cause hair loss?

See how your favorite cosmetic or beauty product rates on EWG’s toxicity scale.

Display of Ecco-Bella Products

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“Ecco Bella cosmetics are the only make-up products I would ever consider using. Years ago, I realized that every day products would burn, irritate and make my skin break out. I discovered that every day cosmetics contain aluminum, formaldehyde, GMO’s, propylene glycol, SLS, and other harmful ingredients. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health for beauty.”


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