Silhouette of a family under a tree with the moon in background. Before the Crazy Sets In…

Before the Crazy Sets In…  

Yes Before the CRAZY Sets In...


There will be days that just don’t go well, in fact, it seems everything is going badly. You can scream, pull your hair out or, before the crazy sets in…

Woman seeing the crazy in a mirror. Before the Crazy Sets In…

Uneasy Feeling

This week as I pondered the million and one things I “think” I need to accomplish this winter, this spring, this summer, AND this year, I sensed an uneasy feeling.


I figured it was my old programming intruding again. You know the chatter,

“I gotta get this done.”


“I need to put that on my list.”

You know how it is. Suddenly your mind is reeling and your body is tied up in knots. Anxiety and panic sets in and before you know it, you’ve temporarily lost your mind.


As a parent, you really need to keep it together for your mental and physical health and for your children’s sake.

The good news is that you can stop the crazy before it takes hold. There’s lots of ways to do it. Here’s my ‘go to’ crazy stoppers. But first of all, you’ve got to develop


Emotional Intelligence


1. Be aware that you’re aware. When you sense all is not well, ask yourself why. I generally ask something like, “What’s going on here?” What am I feeling and why am I feeling it?” Act as though you are an observant scientist. If you’re not aware, you CANNOT separate yourself from your fearful ego.


2. Remember you can choose peace over conflict. Anger is only fear in disguise. What are you REALLY afraid of? When we are afraid it is because we have fallen into default mode. We’re reliving traumatic events that rocked our world in the past. Events we haven’t let go or healed from. Choose peace.


3. Make a list. Worst first, I usually say. Tackle the big jobs and the easier ones go quickly. Minimize your stuff. More is less, and more keeps us distracted from the important things in life; feeling free and happy!


4. Walk away. If possible, excuse yourself until you’ve regained your composure. Attempt to let go of the negative energy you’re feeling. Emotional intelligence will keep your emotions level and your mind free from negative thoughts. When others are “losing it,” take the challenge as your opportunity to become a better person. You’ll be happier and healthier too.


There will be days when the crazy threatens to set in.


Be emotionally aware and you’ll stop it in its tracks. Most of the time. If not, take it as a sign that you’ve got more work to do. Cause it’s not about the stuff, the partner, the weather, the kids or the career.


It’s YOU, all you.


And when they come to your door use these words, from my favorite line in the movie, As Good as it Gets,

“Peddle your crazy somewhere else lady, we’re all stocked up here.”

Further Study


Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman – This eye-opening book offers a new vision of excellence that can change the future for us and for our children. 

Lost My Mind, Back in Five - Inspiration and motivation to keep your life “stress-less” and happier. Great for busy parents. 

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