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Awaken Your Spirit Within

Awaken Your Spirit: Discover Joy and Happiness


Humanity carries a heavy burden of potential. A burden that weighs heavy on the heart, and often the catalyst for spiritual awakening. When you awaken your spirit within, and get to know the real you, you’ll find the joy and happiness you’ve been seeking all along.

We Are Amidst a Spiritual Awakening


We are in the midst of a spiritual awakening; a paradigm shift so powerful, so prodigious, that all of creation is being affected by it. Like millions of others on our beautiful planet, I am waking up to the possibilities, the potentiality of all the good that exists within each and every one of us.

A woman with eyes closed, awakening her spirit.

As spiritual beings we have come to a crossroads in our evolution. Many are experiencing an unprecedented paradigm shift that is propelling and transcending the human species to a higher state of being: 

A Spiritual Awakening.

When you awaken you discover that you are a divine spiritual being imbued with a creative power, an energy source that exists within every soul and collectively with all of life.   

I have seen and felt the voice of God, often like a burden, urging me to go beyond my self-imposed limitations and to dream of what and who I really am and can be. This burden of potential is within all of us.


“There’s nothing that weighs heavier on the heart, than the burden of potential”



As we, a global family, collectively become aware of the potential within each of us, and our connection to all of creation, a light of hope burns brighter and brighter and we awaken to a New Humanity.

Sun rays throught the trees, spirit showing themself.

Awaken Your Spirit: Free Your Burden of Potential

For many years I traveled in search of Utopia. Thousands of miles and decades later I awoke, only to find that the happiness I had been seeking was within me all along. I also discovered that my unhappiness was the result of not living the life I was born to live. I was carrying my burden of potential as if it were a contemptible companion and not the gifts I had to offer the world.


This burden of potential exists within us all.

It is our unexpressed talents, our unexpressed love, our unexpressed communion with God/higher power. Life has greater purpose as our spiritual connection with the divine inspires us to express the potential that is the life we were born to live.


Having a daily meditation practice will open your heart and connect you to your higher self. As you meditate each day you will become more peaceful, calm and loving towards yourself. This opens the pathway to your bliss- your reason and passion for this life you have come to live.

“Your greatest treasure is within.”


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