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As You Think, So Shall You Be

Many years ago as I was journeying along my path experiencing more peace and enjoyment than ever before, I came upon a set of audiotapes titled, “How to Get What You Really, Really, Really, Really Want,” co-authored by Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer. I was intrigued by this “positive thought” and I kept looking for more. As I put my attention on what it was I wanted (learning how to positively attract things into my life), more of this “inspiring and affirmative” philosophy came streaming at me as fast as I could absorb it. I was experiencing a paradigm shift and I wanted desperately to spread the message of hope and peace. I had heard the words, “everything is as it should be,” and at once so much made sense to me. Everywhere I went I endeavored to think, speak and act kindly. When situations were less than ideal I expressed the sentiment, “everything is as it should be.” I knew the power contained in those words could potentially change peoples' lives in miraculous ways.

Woman with her head tilted back with a smile and eyes closed. Positive thoughts.

It became so clear to me; in life there are no mistakes, no accidents. We are given freewill so that we can make our own choices. Our creator does not condemn us, judge us or criticize us for our so-called “mistakes.”  Every experience is an opportunity for learning and growth. Whether the experience is considered “good” or “bad” it is what you need for your healing and growth. As you become more in tune with your thoughts and how they are making you “feel” you will want to choose only thoughts that feel good to you. And your “mistakes” as you may perceive them will become fewer and farther between.

It is important to remember that any thought or action that makes you “feel” bad should be avoided at all costs. Sadness happens because we are human. And it’s okay to be sad on occasion provided it is appropriate; that is your thoughts are positively in the present moment, not regretting the past or fearing the future. It takes mental work to overcome a lifetime of negative conditioning and there are lots of resources I’ll share with you to guide and inspire your wellness journey.


Once you know you have a choice, you can begin to control your reactions to your experiences and begin “the work” to control your thoughts that have created them. Avoid gossip and malicious people.  Being mean only pleases the ego and brings negative people and situations to your life. You cannot create a better life for yourself and others if you are listening to negative input from the media, friends, family or your own negative mind! The idea that you can receive harmful information and not be adversely affected is but an illusion. The concept of perceiving or projecting negative information as something useful and positive and being in alignment with your higher/best self is diametrically opposed.


Situations will arise where “bad” or negative news is unavoidable. However, being a conscious thinker, you have free will. You have a choice to perceive something with judgment and condemnation or just accept it “as it is.” When you are thinking consciously and aware of your “feelings” you can use your freewill to

make the choice NOT to judge

or condemn any situation or person. When you let yourself (ego) be seduced by the gossip and malice in the world, you only bring more negativity to the situation and to your Self by adding negative energy to it. Praying for someone or a condition in a positive light will actually create a positive change, which will benefit everyone. Therefore, you become a part of the solution and you are not adding to the problem with your negative thoughts and emotions.

You might not think that everything is so great right now, but being conscious and aware of your thoughts, you will begin to see that happiness is just a thought away. And the more happy and hopeful your thoughts, the better your life will become!


Surround yourself with positive people and circumstances. Avoid those that do not convey peace and harmony. When you live from your highest self you will not be offended, and, you will not unconsciously attract negative people or circumstances. No judgments, only lessons of love and forgiveness. When you live from your spirit you affect the solution and not the problem.


Television is perhaps one of the most destructive influences affecting Americans today. As you become more enlightened you will find certain television and film genres to be offensive and you will seek out uplifting, spiritual themes to fill your mind and soul. I am not implying that all television is bad for the soul. As human beings, we’re all aware there are countless shows that have inspired and renewed in us a desire to a better person. However, in order to empower and safeguard your spirit, discernment regarding all media programs is crucial.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.
Watching TV

When my youngest son was growing up we had a strict rule about watching certain television programs. He was home schooled for most of his childhood and was not allowed to watch television before 3 pm, even if his schoolwork had been completed. One afternoon I heard the distinct sound of clapping coming from his bedroom. I knew immediately that it was a talk show. After questioning him about the program, he quickly responded,


“Mom it’s okay, it’s Oprah, and they only show people’s inter feelings!”


My first thought was to correct his grammar and reprimand him for breaking the rules. I then reflected on the positive effect Oprah is having on the world by helping to raise the consciousness of those she wishes to inspire and enlighten. I pray for many more hearts like hers to shine like a beacon to light the way of hope, love and joy in the world.

Can you see that you have been programmed since childhood and may continue to be negatively programmed every day? Breaking the cycle of fear and hopelessness is your first step towards freedom and the life you

REALLY want.

Again I urge you to open your eyes and heart and live from your best self. Strive to be faithful. Happiness is yours and it begins with your thoughts, it is an “inside job.”


“As you think, so shall you be.”

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