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Are You Knowing What You Want?

What Do You Want?


Do you know what you are wanting? Really… We seem to spend a lot of time thinking about things we don’t want. Why? Is it habit, or is it because we don’t believe we will ever have what we really want?


We look at things we don’t approve of and have no qualms about judging or criticizing them. Our dislikes are often the cause of worry and fear. We “think” we know what we want, but continue to choose things that don’t make us happy. Oh, we think we’ll be happy when we get the stuff, but that’s where the problem starts.


You know what you want, but do you know what you need? When you know what you want and know what you need, you gain clarity and ultimately solve your problems.

Girl not sure of what she really wants. Puzzled look.

Do you have poor health?

Do you hate your job?

Are you dissatisfied with your personal relationship?


You can continue to focus your thoughts on what you don’t like or want, but until you identify the problem(s) you won’t be able to “see” what you need. More importantly, you won’t be able to get what you really want.


For example, if your body is not healthy, you’ve got to ask yourself why. What can you do today that will make you feel better? If you want a different job, start today and take steps to find a new one.


Knowing what you want begins with the thoughts you think. Your thoughts are creating your reality, your world, and your future. Look around in your environment. You and those who might share your living space have created every part of it.

With excitement found what she was looking for.

How can you change your thoughts and change your life? One day, one step, one thought at a time.


“When the student is ready, the teacher will come.”

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