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Are Eggs Healthy?

An egg is just an egg. Or is it? White eggs, brown eggs, green eggs...


I have great memories of hens. And their eggs were amazing. Rich, dark orange in color, with the toughest shells.


Eggs were abundant and we never thought twice about their quality or safety. In the 70’s, Adelle Davis reported that the lecithin content in them cancelled out the “bad cholesterol,” so when the bad press came out in the 80’s, I dismissed it as more hogwash.  But which one is the best, or the worst for you?

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Eggs are a cheap source of protein, very nutritious and despite false advertising, do not cause high cholesterol Fat: It’s a Good Thing when eaten as part of a balanced diet. The problem with most eggs begins before they are laid.


You’re not going to hear anything negative about the egg industry on television though. That would be bad for business. Real farmers- unlike industrial farm corporations- don’t have millions to mesmerize and excite you into buying “their healthy eggs.” Mother Earth News says conventional egg producers pay the American Egg Board $20 million each year to promote their substandard eggs. And don’t they do a fine job?


Are eggs healthy? What’s happening to the eggs that would make them unhealthy, and unsafe?


The majority of us are innocently oblivious, unaware that the eggs we’re buying have a dark secret behind them.  A story, so horrific, that if you’re brave enough to hear it, will change the way you look at  “store bought” eggs, and hopefully make the decision to eat only organic ones.


According to CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories, industrial farmed hens live like slaves. Cramped together in cages so small they can’t move their wings without touching other birds. Beaks are seared off to prevent maiming and killing each other.

Chickens used for eggs, forced to live in cruel environments are forced to stand on wire cages, suffer feather loss and their bodies become bruised. These inhumane conditions produce chickens that are fed massive doses of antibiotics and given arsenic, believed to promote growth. In one year, they are “spent” and sold as meat for soup, pot pies and other processed foods. Conventionally-raised eggs are far more likely to be contaminated with salmonella, a disease-causing bacteria. Years ago, we didn’t have to fear “raw” cookie dough or eating raw eggs.


There’s a lot of controversy these days around

“free-range” eggs. Conventional producers have gotten quite sneaky. Claiming their chickens are not kept in

cages and/or have access to the outdoors.


Hens raised in factory farms live appalling lives. In addition, factory farming (so-called cheap food) contributes to environmental pollution of air, water and soil.


The Internet is rife with misleading claims from the American Egg Board about free-range/pastured eggs. If you find a claim stating there is no nutrient difference between conventional eggs and organic eggs, you can bet the “evidence” was funded by a large corporation. If you want to know the truth behind something it’s always a good idea to “follow the money.”


Health Benefits of Free-Range Eggs


Mother Earth News egg testing project found chickens raised on pasture to have:


  • More beta carotene

  • Less saturated fat

  • Less cholesterol

  • More omega-3 fatty acids

  • More Vitamin E

  • More Vitamin A

  • Not only are they healthier, they taste better too.


Where to Find Good Eggs



Mother Earth News study found real free-range eggs to be much healthier than conventional eggs. In addition to a healthier alternative to conventional, organic eggs, “real eggs” are not tainted with hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, gmos and more.

Why Factory Farmed Animals Are Making You Sick

And if you’re eating conventionally raised chicken, you’ll REALLY NEED to see this.


According to Joseph Mercola, M.D., a leader in the natural health field, it is virtually impossible to mass produce clean, safe nutritious foods at rock bottom prices.


For further understanding of the real cost of cheap food, watch the movie Food, Inc., available on YouTube.

You can also see it free as an Amazon Prime member or buy the disc here.



“The measure of a society can be how well its people treat its animals.”

-Mohandas Gandhi




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