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And the Owl Called His Name

And The Owl Called His Name

-Larkin Stentz


We had known each other for over ten years. Our time together covered a spectrum of events and emotions from the mundane to the unbelievable.


Yet the events of our last week together were like the final coalescing of pieces of a puzzle which only came together after ten years.


Kidney failure was the diagnosis. The lost appetite, the limp, the constant sleeping were all symptoms. The clarity in the eyes remained. The looks that said so much and never failed to make their impression.

Owl, And the Owl Called His Name, A story written by Larkin Stentz

In a remote, quiet place the call came. To me it was just the calling of an owl, but to him… a calling which he answered- immediately. The answering sound came from a deep place within him. He followed the call, walking into the night. God knows how he walked, he had been bed ridden for ten days. I followed.


An old path was found, even in the dark. Funny, years earlier when we had first found this path I had remarked how it would be a good place to “crossover.” And now here he was beginning his final journey.


After what seemed endless stopping and starting a pause came in our journey.


Tired and not really thinking the time had come, I picked him up and carried him back.


Not two minutes had we returned when the call came again and again he answered and again he headed for the door. I surrendered to his timing now.


During the next twenty hours or so we walked, stopped, napped, walked, stopped, etc… We must have said farewell a hundred times. His eyes stayed clear and he spoke of letting go and how wonderful our friendship had been. 

Tree with periwinkle a story by Larkin Stentz presented by Eden's Corner.

Sleep finally came over me and when I awoke he had crossed over. The tree where he is buried blooms with periwinkle year round now.


In the evening of the day he crossed over I was roused from sleep by screeching and pounding of wings. For a moment, an owl was at my bedroom window. The last piece of the puzzle was in place, his spirit was free.


Shalom we called him. A prince of peace who touched in a special way everyone with whom he came in contact. He was a dog of Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix.  

Larkin Stentz, head gardener at Green Angel Gardening has studied with John Jeavons of Ecology Action Grow BioIntensive. Larkin has been growing for the local markets for over 10 years and previously taught sustainable agricultural practices in Mexico for 3 years. An accomplished flutist and writer, he also bakes “Larkin’s Loaves”.


Green Angel Gardens offers the opportunity of living the vision of integrating our lives with the natural systems of life on Planet Earth.


We encourage you to visit this beautiful website where you will learn more about the work of this amazing man. 


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