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America, the Land of Plenty

Why Then are Americans So Sick?

America, the Land of Plenty


Never before in American history and throughout the world, have so many people been plagued with illness.


The prevalence of this epidemic of various diseases is so common it has been coined,  Metabolic Disorder or Syndrome.


Metabolic Syndrome refers to this group of health problems:


  • Obesity or excess body weight especially around the waist

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Insulin Resistance with Elevated Blood Cholesterol


Metabolic syndrome affects both adults and children. It is estimated that 1 in 5 American children and 1 in 3 American adults are afflicted. According to the National Institute of Health, approximately a fifth of the adult US population remains at high cardiometabolic risk.

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At the time of this original research, while managing a natural foods co-op in early 2000, the prevalence of this disorder was not as widespread. Today, metabolic syndrome exists virtually everywhere on the globe, especially those who've adopted the SAD, or Standard American Diet.


These metabolic disorders are due to an adverse lifestyle in a

“bouquet of barbed wire.”





Seduced with brilliant deceptive advertising campaigns, lured by promises of good taste, and convenience, we naively consume foods that do not support good health, but lead to malnourishment and disease. Little do we know “cheap” processed foods are addictive and toxic, depleting our bodies and slowly starving us to death.


When I first received the unsolicited book, “Syndrome X,” in early 2000, I was shocked and bewildered. I wondered if Syndrome X could become a reality in my lifetime. The Midwest had already reached the “majority” on a scale I mentally used to measure the visual health of those I observed on my travels. Alarmingly, I had begun to see more overweight people on my annual visits to the Pacific Northwest. Confirming the potentiality of this insidious disorder.


Today I am sadly aware that it is everywhere I look,

virtually everyone is overweight and looks terribly unhealthy.


As a former co-op manager and health and wellness consultant, I have spoken with many people in regard to their diets and lifestyles. Their issues and problems have reoccurring themes:


Lack of Understanding Basic Nutrition


Without knowing what your body needs, it is doubtful you will choose the proper foods and know how much you should be eating. And if you’re watching television for healthy food advice, you’re probably suffering from at least one “dis-ease,”


(all DISEASE is caused from malnutrition and toxicity).


In the article “Eating To Live,” you will learn the basic foods you need and other resources for preparing and cooking them. We offer many healthy resources; including recipe and nutritional education books.

Any food product with high fructose corn syrup should be avoided.

High fructose corn syrup promotes

Metabolic Disorder.

I’m so busy!


Whether one is working a job, with or without children, or retired, I hear the same thing every day, “I am so busy!” We are only as busy as we allow ourselves to be. We all have choices and we must learn to prioritize. Your health should be your #1 priority. And yes, it does take time and effort to prepare wholesome meals. There are ways you can make this process simpler. Plan ahead. Chop and freeze foods you know you will need during the week. Plan and cook several meals on the weekend and freeze them for use during the week. By planning ahead you can avoid the urge to


“pick up” already made “cheap” 


foods that are devoid of nutrition. We offer you several “family oriented” cookbooks that have done the work for you. Take the fear of the unknown and the confusion out of your excuses for not adopting a healthy diet. Your good health is your key to lifestyle freedom. Sickness is much more expensive than illness. And you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive healthy eating can be.


I Can’t Afford to Buy Wholesome Nutrient-Rich Foods


 “Cheap” foods do not save you money, for they eventually cause malnutrition that leads to illness.

Nature gave us fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, legumes and grains.

Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and supply what the human body needs to survive. To avoid malnutrition and toxicity, purchase organic produce whenever possible. Visit the Environmental Working Group’s website for their list of the Clean Fifteen (foods that are safe to eat if not organic) and the Dirty Dozen (non-organic foods that are extremely toxic, especially for children).


Naturally grown foods contain no added hormones, antibiotics, harmful pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified organisms.

Industrial Food is at the Root of All Disease


Those who buy “cheap” industrial food do not realize these toxic foodstuffs are laden with harmful chemicals, many of which are addictive (such as high fructose corn syrup) and promote weight gain.


If you’re sick all the time or have a condition that your doctor is treating with a toxic medication, you need to address your diet. Unless you address your nutrition and lifestyle, you will never get well. Your doctor can not advise you about food because she/he has no formal training in nutrition. Nutritional education is not permitted in medical school, and obviously, not a sound choice for an industry that profits off sick people.


Health problems do not exist because you have a pharmaceutical drug deficiency. And you’ve probably noticed you’ve gotten sicker after you’ve been on drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is a “business of disease” and intentionally designed to keep you sick.


You are sick because you have nutritional wasting (dying of malnutrition) and your body is toxic from your food, water and environment.


Nutritionally deficient, processed foods are given to public school children, the elderly in nursing homes and served in hospitals to sick people that are already starving to death! Is it any wonder people are sick and dying? We live in a world that is driven by profits. Billions are being made in the food and chemical industries at the expense and lives of people.


To locate a nutritionally trained physician visit here.


How Can You Break the Chains of Industrial Food Slavery?


One choice at a time. Your first priority is to decide if your entertainment (buying and doing things you don’t actually need) is more important than your health.


Begin by eliminating junk foods such as soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, canned and packaged foods. Read the label.


If you can’t pronounce or understand the words


Don’t Eat It! Synthetic vitamins are often added to make a product appear more nutritious. Why would a healthy product need to be fortified if it’s already nutritious? 


High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can be found in everything from bread to cookies to soup. It contributes to poor health which leads to Metabolic Disorder.Over 80% of the food products sold in grocery stores are unfit for human consumption. The sickness epidemic in America is a testament to the unhealthy foods and toxic drugs available to most Americans.


Metabolic Syndrome is preventable and can be safely treated (in virtually every case) with natural medicine. Real medicine, the way God/Nature intended.


Read, Learn, and Empower Yourself.



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