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About Us


Welcome to Eden’s Corner.

We believe we have an incredible opportunity, and challenge, to present information from a platform that will inspire and empower you to create positive and healthy changes in your life.

As a naturalist and poet- inspired by Rachel Carson in the early 70’s- my life (Reni) has been a quest to learn and teach the world the importance of living in balance with Mother Nature/God.

Humanity has become disconnected from Nature; from our foods, to our medicine, to the very essence of our being. We have an urgent need to re-discover our most basic needs; healthy foods, natural healing, inspiration and motivation to nurture and balance mind, body and soul.

Eden’s Corner has been created to meet that need. We’ve found the best expert advice from holistic physicians, nutritionists, and other leaders in the wellness community today.

For those seeking healthy resources, tools and the benefits of a vibrant mind, body and spirit, we are here to inspire and encourage your wellness journey.

At Eden’s Corner you’ll find current topics designed with you in mind: Natural health education and awareness, parenting tips & tools, organic foods, juicing, yoga/meditation and more.

In addition, the latest in nutritional breakthroughs and cutting-edge healing techniques are offered.

All memes, website design and graphics on Eden’s Corner have been created by me (Rick) using Laughing Bird software.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, please feel free to contact us.


May good health be your journey and wellness be your blessing.

Reni & Rick

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