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A Sense of Purpose

What Makes You Motivated


Years ago I was invited to speak to a psychology class on the topic of motivation. I thought, “I’ve had years of practice procrastinating and have spent many years seeking ways to feel motivated (a sense of purpose), what tools do I use that might be helpful for others?”




Another question I pondered was, “What makes one motivated to do anything?” I thought for a while and after eliminating the obvious like hunger and other basic needs, I realized we all make choices based on only two things; positive or negative. 

Words, some magnified, words with a sense of purpose.

Positive, self- loving people seek rewards such as working a job they enjoy, while negative, fearful people seek punishment, working a job they despise. When we do not follow our dreams, it is often because we think we will fail. Therefore, we are doomed to fail before we begin. Whether we’re living consciously or on auto-pilot

it is our thoughts that direct and guide us.

After studying a bit I saw that motivation then is really determined by one’s thoughts. We know that highly motivated individuals have mastered effective habits and have habituated those habits over time. It is also true that if we work a job we Love, we do it with passion. So perhaps it is being passionate about something that positively motivates us to do it.


Passion is the inspiration that motivates us to find purpose in our lives; purpose that will nurture our mind, our body and our soul.



If ever there was a time to follow your passion and do something that matters to you now is certainly that time.

-Gaynor Parke

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