Silhouette of a family under a tree with the moon in background. A Parents Tale

A Parents Tale

Telling the Tales

Imagine women sitting around a fire, speaking a language that has barely begun to evolve. They are the first to tell the story. Stories that teach as well as entertain.

The female brain has evolved to be a creative, intuitive thinker. To tell the stories, a parent’s tale, that lie within our DNA. Memories we will pass on to the next generation.

A fire where tales were told. A Parents Tale

Women Love to Talk

Women love to talk and to tell each other stories. It is what makes us unique and often a mystery to left-brained men that hear only muffled riddles. I know there are a few of the male species that can express themselves from an emotional depth beyond a stereo manual, I’m married to one. I count myself very fortunate to be among the rare and few.

Since the computer era we have regressed. The male-oriented,

“just the bottom-line”

method of communication, has created a culture that feels the need to transform language into something only the tech savvy can translate.


I’ve often wondered if it’s because men (and some women) can’t hear or perhaps the words become lost in translation. But how could this method of communicating ever entertain and stir the imagination? In our impatient attempt to live life at break-neck speed, we have lost the meaning and substance that gave our words significance. We are forgetting how to tell our story.

Mom telling a tale to here son. A Parents Tale

Every family has their own language. Their “words they live by.” It often begins with a young child innocently learning to talk. Their awkward attempt at language creates a vernacular unique only to them. Before long the rest of the family is speaking it too.


After our children were long from home we continued to use their unique language, perhaps it was our way of holding onto the memory of our tribe. When the grandkids came along we carried on the tradition; fondly using words like “spi-dee-ah.”  Spiders were a source of fear and anxiety for them, using the word spideeah didn’t have the malevolent ring that “spider!” seemed to have.

Words and conversation tell the story of us. They keep our memories alive. From these truths, we build our society, our culture. Stories we have lived by for many millennia. Words that ensured our survival.


Today the story tellers are all but silent. Some has passed on, others are mute, many distracted. Our story book is closing for there are few to read it and even fewer to listen.


Visit Forgotten Truths to discover why and how we are losing our instinct for survival.


Dear Parents: Talk with (not at) your children. Tell your story, keep your family’s memories alive. Pass on your legacy; truths that tell the story of those who have come before you, and to the generations that will come, long after you are gone. 

"Share Your Knowledge.

It's a Way to Achieve Immortality."

~Dalai Lama

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