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A Day with Joe

Little did we know when we began our juicing odyssey (that literally saved our lives) we would meet a character that would not only exemplify and define our own juicing experience, but take it to a new level.


We’d been at it for a while and if you’ve read our story “Juicing for Recovery,” you know it was out of sheer desperation that we embraced juicing and it has become an integral part of our daily lives.

When “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 1,” came out we were hooked. It inspired us to try different recipes and gave us the motivation and courage to fast for 30 days. Joe Cross, the star of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, became our juicing hero. Not unlike my childhood hero, Jack LaLanne, this guy has charisma, he’s devoted to good health and inspires us to want to be healthier and better than we are.


When we heard the news of Joe’s visit to Seattle we knew we had to see him. He is after all, instrumental to our success and his journey sparked our enthusiasm that challenged our juicing regimen. And while we anticipated an enjoyable time

listening to Joe discuss the merits of juicing, what we experienced went way beyond the typical speech or lecture. This guy was an entertainer and he made us feel as though we’d just run into a long lost relative!

We realized we’d done an “all-nighter,” and were operating on but a few hours of sleep. No worries. Our excitement was enough to spur us on while minimizing the ever present fatigue...

First I must preface this by relaying the morning’s course of events. In readying ourselves for the trip to North Seattle, which is about 1 ½ hours away, we realized we’d done an “all-nighter,” and were operating on but a few hours of sleep. No worries. Our excitement was enough to spur us on while minimizing the ever present fatigue that jeopardized our good senses! Blurry-eyed, we arrived early. Empty house with but a few customers holding on to books while patiently awaiting their cup of Starbuck’s. Coffee sounded like a good idea. We acquired a cup after purchasing Joe’s book, “Fully Charged,” and settled down for some hearty reading. Time passed quickly. We were making our way to the closest chair when Joe arrived. In our excitement we didn’t notice the tired look behind his eager and passionate eyes. Our thoughts fell on each of his words and I noticed the rest of the crowd was as enthused and entertained as we were.

We learned a lot that night about Joe and more juicing and fasting and other tidbits you can’t get from a book. And most important of all we realized the juicing guy, Joe Cross, was indeed a hero.


He’s helping to change lives, one juice drink at a time.

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