5 Things to Know About Juicing with fresh fruit and veggies outline with a grape vine.

5 Things to Know About Juicing

Tips to Know About Juicing


Before you run out and stock the fridge and buy a juicer, there are some things you need to know. There’s a lot of trial and error involved if you’re new to juicing and don’t know where to start. Some experimenting is expensive, some just a waste of your valuable time. We’ll share our juicing experiences and hopefully save you time and money. 

Okay here they are, the big five:


1. Am I really serious about juicing? If you know someone who has a juicer and it’s just collecting dust, ask to borrow it. This will help you decide if you’re really serious about getting healthy and making juicing a part of your healthy lifestyle.

5 Things to Know About Juicing.

2. What kind of juicer do I need? Do I want to make nut butters, sorbets, and other foods or just green drinks?

3. How much money am I willing to invest in myself? Remember, this is an important investment. Prices vary from around $30 to well over $700.

Blender for Juicing

A juicer

(and using it of course)

is the best “health”investment you’ll ever make.

Really, what’s more important than

your health?

4. How much time do I want to invest in my health? While smoothies need to be made daily, your green drinks can made 2-3 times per week. Depending upon the type of juicer, you can store it in the fridge or freeze it. 


5. Does it have a warranty? Our first year of juicing we burned up two juicers in less than 6 months! Fortunately the warranties were still valid, but we realized we had better step it up a bit if we were serious about making juicing a way of life

There are 3 types of juicers most commonly used:

Centrifugal Juicer

This juicer is widely available and less expensive

than other juicers. Vegetables and fruit are fed into a high speed spinning mesh with razor sharp teeth at the bottom. The food is made into a pulp and with high speed the juice is forced into a channel and out of a tap. They work great with hard and soft fruits and vegetables but not as good with leafy greens, such as kale or spinach and virtually no grasses. In addition to being easy to clean and operate, it’s light weight and often takes less space on your counter. If you want to make juice in a hurry, or you want to take it with you on vacation, this is the machine for you.  Good choice for those new to juicing.

Masticating- Single Gear/Auger Juicer

A masticating juicer juices at low speeds of 80 RPM

minimizing heat build-up and oxidation. The auger system forces produce into a tight chamber, grinding and pressing the food to squeeze out the juice from items as fine as wheatgrass and leafy vegetables. You can also make nut butters, baby food, soy milk, almond milk and a variety of healthy snacks. This style of juicer is very efficient at making high quality, great tasting juice. Prices range $100 and up.

Twin Gear Masticating Juicer

This machine can juice practically anything. 

The vegetables and fruit are crushed as the two gears move together. The motion may be slow, but there is a clear separation between the pulp and the juice.You can even store it for days! The twin gear juicer makes great tasting juice and the warranty is generally very good. Prices start around $300 and go up from there. This is a wonderful machine and has many different functions including making sorbets, baby food, nut butters and more. 

The above juicers are some of Eden's favorites. Chosen for quality, price & warranty.

Visit Eden's Picks to see more of our favorites.

When you decide your health is the most important thing in your life,

you make decisions based on necessity and knowledge, not convenience.

Rick’s personal comments:


The first year we went through 3 big name, low end centrifugal juicers. Low end because they lasted about 3 months before the game was over. And around a hundred dollars because of name recognition, I personally believe. Because of the one year warranty with this big name brand machine the company sent us a new machine 3 times! My wife would fire it up and I mean, fire it up. Remember the cartoon the Tasmanian devil? Well, that was our machine. In all fairness this was a while ago, and I’m sure they have gotten a lot quieter. We got the point after 3 machines. It was time to step up to a better juicer. We juice every day and we’re very serious juicers.

With a lot of research the machine was chosen. We went with the twin gear masticating juicer.


Thinking back, the reviews were our biggest driving force towards this one,

but I must say being the man of the house there is a lot to say about a 12 year warranty. I remember standing there in amazement at the technology of this machine. It was moving so slow, it was very quiet and how could anything break at that speed? I was thinking to myself, “Self, that is why there is a twelve year warranty.” In all honesty my wife is pretty small, but very strong. It was pretty easy for me to insert the veggies, a little more work for her. One other major downside is if you are the kind of person who likes to get the newest and the greatest, this machine’s biggest down side is that it will probably be with you for a very long time.


I know very little about the single gear masticating juicer, but I’ve seen it in action, it was also very impressive.  


As A Business Owner

My opinion as a business owner is that the

manufacturer’s warranty tells you how proud they are of their product

and are willing to sign their name to it. This is a true quality of fine craftsmanship.

Reni’s personal comments:


If you read Rick’s comments on our initial juicer experience you know that we finally went with the twin gear masticating juicer. 

That model is no longer available but several generations have come along over the years and are very popular.


The machine does take a little upper body strength, but if you study the produce preparation techniques you’ll find it’s pretty darn easy. And of course, practice your yoga! Ha! It does build strength by using your body as a weight lifting machine. You can check out our yoga sessions at our “Healthy Living” tab. 


Okay, back to my juicer review. I have friends that have centrifugal juicers that work for them and their needs. Really,

in the end you have to look at your budget and your needs. We’re all different and we all have different needs. 

The main thing is to juice.  


We are now using the Breville in addition to our great, great grand pappy, Green Star! We figure if it’s good enough for Joe, it’s good enough for us. Besides, we are busy growing Eden’s Corner! We just don’t have the 3+ hours per week to juice with our slow juicer.


I discovered the Breville is FAST for juicing everything except greens.

Greens we continue to juice in our twin gear masticator. On occasion Rick helps with the juicing. Rick says the greens taste better and the pulp is dryer which means more juice.


We have more helpful tips to simplify your juicing experience in our

Shopping and Storing Your Produce” article.

And visit Eden’s Juice Recipes for healthy and delicious juice and smoothie recipes!

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