Shopping Smart for healthy food.

5 Secrets to Shopping Smart

Shopping Smart on Healthy Food

We all want to eat right and save money on food, but where do you start?


The grocery store is a maze of boxes,

cans and packages. The produce section is no help either. Fortunately for you there’s Eden’s Corner. We’ve got meal planning advice, healthy recipes and fabulous cookbooks. Healthy eating is just a few clicks away!


1. Plan your meals


Making a list will ensure you buy only what you need. Impulse buying can be costly. Buy only what you’ll need for a few days or week. Stick to your plan. Check out Eden’s recipes and healthy cookbooks below for nutritious meal ideas.

Shopping smart with a list and the Dirty Dozen by EWG.

2. Buy "Safe" Produce


Consult the Environmental Working Group’s list of The Dirty Dozen and The Clean FifteenThis gives you guidelines to the most harmful non-organic produce and also produce that is safe to buy if not organic.


Organic produce is especially important for children as their little bodies are more vulnerable to chemicals. With the rise of childhood cancer from pesticides you’d be wise to safeguard your little one. Organic produce contains vital minerals. Non-organic produce is virtually devoid of life-giving minerals which lead to illness and disease.


3. Share the Savings


Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money. Go in on large bulk items with friends and family. Shop where you can purchase bulk items such as organic peanut or almond butter, rice, flour, oats, etc. Buying raw, unfiltered honey in bulk can save you a lot of money also.


Share, barter or purchase produce from your neighbors. Perhaps you have extra fruit or vegetables they need and vice versa. Even if you don't know them it doesn't hurt to ask. Do inquire about any chemicals they may have used.


As a youngster I watched my grandmother and aunties 'cull' fruit from trees and during the spring we'd venture to nearby apple orchards to wild harvest late spring asparagus.

Smart shopping with a list and the Dirty Dozen by EWG and shopping organic section.

4. Leave processed Foods on the Shelf


Boxed, canned and packaged foodstuffs are expensive. Most contain many harmful ingredients that are addictive and lead to weight gain. Because they contain empty calories not nutrients, your body is starving, making you feel hungry. 


5. Empower Yourself


The grocery store is confusing and misleading at best. Peruse our articles Eating to Live and Eating for Good Health to educate yourself and gain knowledge and wisdom about nutrition and foods.


There are basic foods that create health.

It isn’t rocket science and it need not be difficult. Having a cookbook that offers healthy ingredients will ensure your success and lead you to health and longevity.

Reni and Scampy at the beach, for the newsletter.

Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook offers over 300 recipes to nourish your body and create vibrant health.

In addition to delicious recipes you’ll find valuable-to-your-health information. There is also an excellent selection of dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and egg-free dishes- something for everyone

Eat Real Food or Else: A Low Sugar, Low Carb, Gluten Free, High Nutrition Cookbook for the 21st Century Liên Nguyên and Mike Nichols MD

100 Days of Real Food is a powerhouse of information. The author offers tips for reading ingredient labels; 100 quick-and-easy recipes for family favorites; advice for navigating the grocery store and making smart real food purchases.


100 Days of Real Food offers all the support, encouragement, and guidance you’ll need to make these incredibly important and timely life changes.

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